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Skid (and newly unemployed BM) update

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Last night, while DH and I were sitting outside on the porch watching DD and DS run around in the yard, skid FaceTimed DH. 

I sat there, out of frame, and just listened. 

Skid lives in Southern California. They have an active stay-in-place order happening and school is out, obviously. Skid asked DH how summer visitation was going to go. Surprisingly, DH didn’t sugarcoat it much, though I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I was sitting right there.

We live in NC, and while schools here are temporarily out, and businesses are either closed or on super abbreviated hours, and operating on take-out and delivery only, we are not yet under a stay-in-place order. We anticipate that order to be signed and put in place by next week.

DH is still running his restaurant, and I am mostly working full-time from home now. 

All that said, skid is usually here the day after school let’s out - generally by the end of May. DH informed her he didn’t see that happening this summer, due to flights and the unknown regarding travel, and simply that we will have to be very wary of engaging with others, still, outside of the home and work by May.

Skid was receptive to that and appeared to understand and agree. That’s not to say BM won’t push the matter when the time comes of getting skid out of there and on a plane ASAP. 

When their FaceTime ended, I expressed to DH that I thought it was wise he laid it out sooner than later to skid, and that I hope to hell he has the very difficult and firm conversation with his parents that... of all summers, this is NOT the summer for them to make these decisions without his approval, like they do every year. I informed DH that he’d being living with mommy and daddy while skid visits, because there’s no way she will be going back and forth, given my in-laws think this is all a hoax and don’t believe in social distancing - which is a whole other drama-filled story at the moment. 

I totally see my in-laws approving, and paying, for skid to visit, solely out of spite towards me and DH.

BM is currently out of work, since the barely making it greasy spoon restaurant her mom owns had to “temporarily” shut down. I hate to be pessimistic, but I don’t see them surviving this and/or reopening. Their restaurant has a GoFund me set-up I see on Facebook, and they’re selling gift cards to fools that they’ll most likely never be able to fulfill due to never reopening. 

That means BM will have to get a REAL job. It might ramp up her crazy with DH, too.


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Ah, momjeans,

Why am I not surprised that The Hag and The Lush consider Covid19 to be 'a hoax'!? That pair are determined to embrace any stupidity up for grabs.

This could be the time, Hon, to finally blast them!  

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It could totally be the time and I am here for it.

The next couple of months will dictate how this all ends - especially when it comes to me and the in-laws. 

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And we must change with them. I hope that things play out well with DH standing firm on this.

SD13 is still with her mother and DH sais that he doesnt plan on getting her until school starts again, although I dont know exactly what that means. Here in California, we are basically on lockdown until further notice.

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A hoax? Good grief. And I thought my BIL and SIL were nuts for thinking it's a conspiracy...

Momjeans, I'm sorry you have to deal with such lunacy, but glad your DH is being logical.

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You've grown so wise and strong, momjeans. Good on you for spelling it out to your DH, just as he did with skid. Men never seem to be able to see into the future the way we women can, but you know your crazee, boundary stomping inlaws well.

Do you think you can get your H to directly address the subject with his parents?