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PSA: BM’s husband has a love child

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While skid was here for Christmas visitation, BM and her husband were paid a visit. A woman and a young child showed-up at their door, on Christmas Day, to spread the good news that he has a child. 

Apparently this child is 6 months older than BM’s child - putting this child being born a month or two before BM and her husband got married (BM was roughly 5 or 6 months pregnant when they tied the knot). 

This has been confirmed by several adults and skid. 

I hear BM’s husband is already starting to have his child every other weekend for visitation. 

I’m sure BM is going to looooove that. I can foresee her getting herself a little side piece to keep herself happy, if she hasn’t already. 

Ah, good times.


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Doesn't sound like a "love child", more like a "careless one-night stand child".  I'm not sure I could stick around if that happened with DH, especially with someone he was boinking at the same time we were dating. 

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I say that very tongue in cheek. BM’s husband is quite the dudebro, who by all appearances only cares about the Go Big or Go Home persona he puts out into the world. 

I asked DH how he thought BM was handling all of this and he just shrugged and chuckled. 

I couldn’t stick around, personally. 

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Hopefully she will discover that she loves herself more than she loves her husband and walks away. 

If she does decides to stay(I can't even imagine that), she may not be type to allow her husband, BM and/or SK to make her life hell.

Not all women are afraid to speak up and confront those that mistreat/disrespect them.

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She doesn't seem like the fearful type, based off what momjeans has said about her. Otherwise she'd be on this website too.

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Ha. Sounds like karma is at play.

I can't wait to see how the in-laws incorporate this new situation into their "we're all family" mantra...

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I think it’s important to remember that BM was a habitual cheater. That when skid was a toddler, BM got pregnant with another man’s baby. A man who was married with two young children. BM terminated that pregnancy, but immediately after tried to sell DH that she wanted to have a sibling for skid. DH said no effing way and moved out/separated within months. 

This is the stuff soap opera nightmares are made of. 

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I was wondering if she was a cheater.  Most cheaters can't take what they dish out.  My guess is their marriage will not last for much longer.

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My thoughts exactly.

Given the fits BM threw, and crazypants antics she engaged in after finding out DH and I were dating, post their divorce - yeah, I cannot imagine her sticking and around and taking this gently. 

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Cheaters, by their very nature, are those who deceive, victimize and deprive their nearest and dearest. They are soulless, characterless users who should be obliged to wear a warning label; ‘Proceed at your own risk!’

Hmmm…. Could my prejudice be showing? Once burnt!

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That's one H#ll of a Christmas present, isn't it?

Only a crazy HC BM would do such a thing...  to their kid... on Christmas morning.

Everyone have their popcorn?

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How is it I've never heard or thought of such a thing before. This sounds amazing and a way to justify a little bit o' wine.

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What is it with guys who can't keep it in their pants and some apparent psychological allergy to condoms???  Seriously.  If I had the compulsion to bang everything within the sound of my voice, I would have the intelligence to be on enough birth control to make sure that half the neighborhood got a contact hormonal high just walking past me.  Not to mention cornering the market on female condoms to prevent catching anything!  But these dudes can't even roll on a Ramses when playing Big Man on Campus?  They have to sprinkle their seed and then act surprised when one plants???  Morons....