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OT: FIL has an ankle monitor on - again

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Help me understand why someone would have to wear an ankle monitor for a second time, because I am truly clueless when it comes to this stuff. 

My FIL has one on again. 

As some of you may recall from my past blog entries, in 2016 FIL was in a single car crash. The story is he passed out and hit a tree at slow speed. He was charged with DUI and child endangerment, because skid was in the backseat. He fought those charges and went through several attorneys, in the process. In 2017, he was convicted. His punishment was six weekends in jail, followed by a few months wearing an ankle monitor.

In so many words, it has come out that the 2016 crash was due to him mixing up his pills. Adderall or Ambien sort of thing, as he does take these regularly. 

Well, he has a monitor on again. My in-laws think it’s silly and cute and joke about it, but they’ll never be truthful regarding it, out of fear of tarnishing their picture perfect existences. I could outright ask, and I have asked DH, but all I’m met with is a circular word salad response, in a very obvious attempt to dodge the question. 

Does this mean he most likely broke a probation of some sort? 

This stuff matters to me, because it is a very clear, hard rule that my children are never to be in a car with him when he’s behind the wheel, let alone left in his care - ever. 


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Well, it's safe to assume that he's not wearing the monitor as a fashion statement, so yes, he likely violated his terms of probation or committed another offense.

Do you know what kind of device it is?  Location tether?  Alcohol usage monitor??

In any event,  I think you are wise to not allow your kids to drive with this dude.

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I do not know what kind of device it is. 

What I do know is... he still drives and comes and goes as he pleases. When I came home from work the other day, he was here wearing one.

In regards to monitoring alcohol usage? That I do not know as well, but it has crossed my mind, because my MIL and DH are always so quick to point out that FIL doesn’t drink. 

Fun fact: I have witnessed him have a drink on occasion. Not often, but I’ve seen it with my own two eyes, despite the narrative people try to push that he absolutely does not drink. 

This behavior is very familiar to me, coming from a very religious family with closet drinkers.


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so, then it's likely a location monitor.  If it was an alcohol tether, and he was still drinking, the tether would tattle on him.  Perhaps he has a court ordered curfew?  

My guess is you will likely never get the answer, right??  Doesn't sound like these folks would be straight with you no matter what.

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I'm not sure about other places.. but in my state, you can do an online court case record search.  You might want to do your own search.  in my state it is free online.  

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I’ve spent a good amount of time searching and I can never find anything without paying for that information, sadly. 

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The name for your state search system might be hard to find. My state's search system doesn't automatically pull up on google. If you have any friends in social work I'd ask them, that's who showed me the search system for my state. 

It tells you what ppl were charged with and if they were convicted and what their sentence was/is. 

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Here are some ideas

Ask him 'Why are you wearing a ankle monitor"?

Go to the court house and run his name. .  printing his case out may cost a few bucks.

How old is FIL--60's 70's and he is wearing an AM? What a fine man he must be.



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He’s going to be 72 at the end of the month, Goodluck.

I’m 48 and have had zero run-ins with law enforcement. The few times I’ve pointed this out to DH, he states “Well, not everyone is perfect like you, momjeans”.

In a normal situation, I would outright ask this question, but given that my FIL is a self-lampooning sh*tbird of epic proportion, the chances of me getting a serious and honest response is nil. 

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Pay for the info. Seriously. If you think your children could be at risk and you don't trust your husband and his family to be truthful and prioritize your kids interests then I would definatly pay for the information. Call the court house, find out what info you need to get the records then take a morning or afternoon off work and go and get them.

It is "sneeky" in some senses (as "sneeky" as it is to look up PUBLIC records) but if your own husband cannot tell you what is going on then I think that it is justified to find out for yourself.

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Have you straight up googled his name? I stumbled over information concerning a friend's arrest (photos and all) when I googled to find their new address ...