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o/t Speaking of Matthew Mcconaughey...

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Who would you like a free pass with and what movie/TV show inspired it?
I'll go first: Matthew Mcconaughey - True Detective
If you haven't seen Season 1 you need to do that right away. I'm telling you it's fan-f&cking-tastic


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That show is the BEEZ KNEEZ man! LOVED every second of it!

I would like a free chill pass with George R.R. I can slap him around for giving me angina with Game of Thrones.

No, I'm still not over it, clearly I have issues.

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LOVED the 1st season of True Detective, this second season... not quite the same.

Kit Harrington - G.O.T I wanted to tear Ingrid to shreds when she was all up over him, jealous much, YES.

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I HATED HER!!!!!!! Really just how much can someone talk with their lip tucked all the time is beyond me lol

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Benedict Cumberbatch - Sherlock
Sam Heughan - Outlander - but only if he talks the entire time.

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Biggrin He is so yummy! Not quite the Jamie in my head but close enough. I can't wait to see who they pick for Roger.

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John Corbett, United States of Tara (not sex in the city, lol, can't deal with him on that show but want to jump him on the other!)

He does landscaping then showers. Hot steamy shower. Mmm....

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Mon, I thought Sir Patrick was HOT when he was Leondegrance in the movie, Excalibur. That was several years before he appeared as the sexy captain of the Enterprise!

BTW, I always thought Leonard Nimoy was HOT when he was SPOCK!!!