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o/t Panama City Beach Florida

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Have you been there?

Favorite beach
Favorite seafood restaurant
Best experience


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Lived in SW FL for years and I think I only went to Panama Beach once for Ozfest YEARS ago lol

I think my best experience at any beach was on Marco Island when my ds was five and we allowed him to pretend to drive the glass bottom boat and docked at a restaurant there. Don't remember what the place was called, but riding around in that boat with my kiddo was fun and the beach there was beautiful!

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Lived on the Melbourne Beach side for a few years, but never went to Panama. Sharks been busy this year, be careful in the water.

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We went to FL last year but didn't stay in PCB but drove up to Pineapple Willy's one night to eat. It was good, kids loved it. I would like to go again. PCB is just too crowded for us, we like to stay off the beaten path where it's quieter. The beaches are nice there, water is clear. But sharks have been bad lately so be careful.

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I went for spring break in college MANY moons ago. Nothing but sex and booze but that was good back then! Or so i thought. I wouldn't consider it now, too wild for me! I hear Siesta Key is really nice on the gulf side below Tampa.