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It's been a long time for me and S-Talk o/t

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I came by to see if I remember any names/situation and have read some blogs. Some things have definitely not changed here Wink

So I'm divorced now...there went husband #3. My divorce was final on Tuesday and we have been separated since January. A bunch of my old blogs are gone but I was pretty miserable most days in that marriage.

In reading on here the BS that comes with marriage and step-families I can honestly say I did the right thing. I needed validation I suppose. Some days are just harder than others.

I hope the best for everyone here


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Ahhhh my souuulll sista!

I miss a lot of the oldies... Starfish, Stick, Maux etc. Sad I really don't have THAT much reason to be on here complaining.. not compared to some of the crap other people have to endure... I guess it's just become a habit (and a way to kill time at work! Wink )

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Well, I'm sorry it came to divorce but glad you got rid of that jerk!

It's always hard, even when you know it was for the best. It WILL get better, hang in there. Smile

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well hey lady! nice of you to drop in Smile

some people are gone, some have changed names to protect the innocent- lol!

the day before my own divorce was finalized, i had chinese for lunch. my fortune cookie said something to the effect that "the weight on your shoulders is soon to be lifted." i hope your own weight has lifted!!!!

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Right there with you Daisy and Ljcapp.
I don't have the issues that most of the members here have but there's something satisfying about reading on here and feeling relieved that those trying days are gone for the most part.
I have a lot of sympathy for the ones who are still going through the difficult days of BM BSh!t and the other issues a SM has with under 18 skids.
We've been there and can offer our "wisdom" but I see many of the inexperienced SMs asking for advice and then they're resistant to changes out of "fear of losing their DH".
So be it, their decision but then don't keep coming back asking for the same help without wanting to at least try something else...which is usually something along the lines of standing up for yourself.
If not for the wonderful advice that came from those that walked in my shoes before me...I know I'd be a mess.

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If you remember my old stuff I used to be suspicious that DH was still in love with BM (sasquatch). He did some really shitty things to me where she was involved.
BM and I became good friends about a year ago when I stopped caring about and for DH and whether or not he was still in love with BM.
I would have her over for wine and holidays quite a bit that last year. One night BM was over around Christmas and I saw DH whispering to SD19...didn't think much of it.

After we split up BM told me that SD19 said DH had whispered "I'm still in love with your mom and always have been." Suspicions confirmed for this girl...OH and the fact that he tired to sleep with her.

Moral of the story: when you're not the least bit bothered and you have no feeling of hurt ya know it won't work. I was totally indifferent to him at that point. AND BM and I are still good friends.
Working all that out is a process though.

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Is your ex the ass who made the comment about BM's "pretty lady parts" and was awful to your sons? :sick: :sick: :sick:

If he's the one, then I'm sitting here doing a happy dance.

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He said she had the prettiest "lady parts he'd ever seen."

She has no respect for him what so ever...

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OMG that's right... was there something about her feet too? Why am I associating feet with this story??? lmao

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YES!!!!! you're right! BM texted him a picture of her feet!
Like who does that??

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It was "I have stinky feet"
a little love thing between them when they were married - that he denies to this day

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omg i remember that now. i'm just as grossed out now as i was then!

at least you and she are on good terms. shows what the common denominator was...

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Good to hear you're out of it. After your EXarsehole got physical with your son, I thought it might only be a matter of time before he got physical with you. I was married to a horrible abuser. Glad you got out before it got worse. {{hugs}}