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The wedding was fabulous

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Sd24 got married yesterday. The wedding was beautiful, everything worked out.
Sasquatch and I spent most of the evening talking and drinking wine. Crazy huh?
Everyone thanked me and told me what a beautiful job I had done with decorations and stuff.
It was awesome...


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Glad to hear it went well and you got credit for your hard work! I looked up the ribbon/birdcage card holder on Pinterest, gorgeous, I'm sure everything was terrific!

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We talked about gs5 how much we love him and new grandbaby on the way, liking the new husband, summer plans, etc. Nothing harmful or bringing up the past. It was actually enjoyable.
Then we were hammered and dancing at the end....
It's such a good feeling to not hate someone's guts and to let the past go.

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This is how I wish it was with BM. I don't like having negative issues. So happy its going well. Smile