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It's been a long time for me and S-Talk o/t

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I came by to see if I remember any names/situation and have read some blogs. Some things have definitely not changed here Wink

So I'm divorced now...there went husband #3. My divorce was final on Tuesday and we have been separated since January. A bunch of my old blogs are gone but I was pretty miserable most days in that marriage.

Sd18 Mini wife/mini wedding planner

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So I'm doing all the planning for sd24 wedding,'which takes place today. I made all the flowers and decorations myself with not much notice because Sd18 and Sasquatch were supposed to, but backed out last minute.
Backstory: sd24 called me in a panic and said her mom and sd18 "couldn't afford" to help with the wedding after they told her they would.
If any of you are Pingerest addicts I made a card box out of a bird cage and wrapped with ribbon,etc. you can look them up...pretty classy looking.

Upcoming SD24 Wedding and I'm super stressed

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Ok so I've been the sole helper in this event which happens this Saturday. We have a lot to day and fortunately I am off work Thurs and Friday to set up.
SD is 6 months pregnant and she has Dr. appts and such in the next couple days along with wedding planning and prep.
I have a laundry list of stuff to do including babysitting GS5 while trying to make a backdrop and archway, picking up cake, champagne, flowers, and Gs5's outfit.


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sd23 is getting married next weekend. I like her fiancé, he's a nice guy.
A while back Dh and I had a meeting with sd and new SIL and asked them what the needed for the wedding.
They need a dress, marriage lic, photographer, flowers, and cake. SD said Sasquatch was taking care of decorations, and grandparents were taking care of some other stuff. We were happy to help and I started working on my list the next day. I got everything on my list and spent about as much as We could afford.

Anxiety about upcoming weekend

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My MIL was admitted to the hosp. on Xmas eve. It was a major shock and very stressful time as she is really healthy.
DH texted sd18 and told her about MIL and now sd and Sasquatch intend to come to our town to see MIL in the hosp. this weekend. Sd hasn't talked to MIL for at least a year and Sasquatch hasn't spoke to MIL or seen her in YEARS (at least 4 that I'm sure.) MIL is not a fan of sd or Sasquatch. She and I have had many chats about them and she has helped me a lot in my stepparenting with them both.

O/T Sick of my job

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I have to vent about this asshole I work with. We were friends up until a week ago and I no longer have anything to say to him.
Instead of taking my recommendation for the person I wanted as my assistant he gave the job to an incompetent, deer in the headlights, play dumb chick that hasn't even worked here a year.
Why you ask would he do that....? Because his buddy wants to get this girl a FT job and they thought she would be perfect for me.