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Joys of Parenting-OT but had to laugh

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Gibby wasn't feeling very well after school yesterday. Sadly, around 7ish, he did become physically ill. We cleaned things up, he showered, and he started to get his color back.

He snuggled in bed with Loghead and I to watch LOST- our Tuesday date night. We were having a good time, and he was sharing all these funny "theories" he has about the show. He burped. Loghead said, "Sometimes when you don't feel well, and you burp it means you might..."

BLAHHH. Gibby threw up ALL over Loghead and the bed. Poor Gibby, and he was so sick he just laid back down. We got him cleaned up again, and it was sweet how he said, "Daddy, I'm sorry I threw up on you."

I slept in Gibby's room, and Loghead was up with him most of the night. Loghead and Gibby spent the day together today. Poor Loghead had to wash every towel and blanket in the house...


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Yes thank you. He had a daddy day. He wa back at school today and ready to go for his spring concert.

"I HAD to pick the road less traveled..."

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Poor kid!! It always seems that kids have projectile-style vomiting, too...which just makes the whole situation worse!

Our SS2 threw up a month or two ago and our SD4 goes, "I will never be a mom because I don't EVER want to clean up THAT." Smile