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Let the week of drama free peace commence!

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Today is SD12 and DD7's spring break. They will be off for a total of 9 days and I got news over the weekend that SD12 will not be with us. And I found out yesterday that DH was dropping off SD12 with her grandparents (BM's parents) at 8pm last night. This is wonderful!!! Everyone here-DH, DD7, DS4, and myself are always in such a better mood when SD isn't here. And it's rare because DH has sole custody of SD.

It's sad that everyone in this house lightens up and gets cheery when SD is about to leave or when she is gone. Even DH was super cheery after the drop off last night.


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YAY! I don't feel guilty either!!!! DH sends SD12 to her grandparents every other weekend, but it's not enough time! This is the first time since the beginning of last summer that we're getting more than 2 days away! I'm in such a great mood and so are DD and DS lol

SD sucks the happiness outta this house!