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Just when you think it's over...

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...the bitch strikes again, and STBX once again loses his sack.

So STBX has been staying away, great. His stuff is still around and his lease doesn't begin until 7/1. Fine. Long as he's not around, no big deal.

Anyway, so last night I came home with DD at around 9 pm and who do I see circling our townhouse but BB and her D(for DUMBASS)H in their car. At first, I didn't realize it was then, just saw a car kind of passing and slowing down. I could see the people inside trying to get a look at something but didn't identify them until they passed me. The were like deer in headlights (literally) as passed and saw me. I flipped out. I followed their asses out of our PRIVATE community to the turn-off for their neighborhood. I wanted them to know that I was aware of them so that they couldn't deny what they'd done. And also because I felt I had to chase them away. They pulled off to a gas station and hid behind two rows of gas pumps as I passed by them before going back home.

I was livid. I called STBX, who had SS last night, and told him. Now, BB does have church friends that live in our community but they don't live on our side. There was no reason for them to be there lurking that way. I told STBX that either he called BB to tell her that this behavior would not continue, or else I would. After 2 years of being spied on, lied to, jerked around, and harassed by this bitch, I had had enough. I have bitten my tongue for STBX's sake and I will no longer live this way. I get that BB knowing about the impending divorce might make her curious, but the only reason she would know that STBX was staying with SS in a hotel last night would be if she were following him around town. If she really wantd to know, she could've asked STBX when she called to say good-night to SS about an hour before she stalked my house.

Anyway, so he said he would call. He called me back and I swear, this man has NO BALLS AT ALL. He ended yp asking her what happened, she said she was at her friends' house (of course) and that they were not near our house at all. F#CKING LIAR. Then she said that has been there many times when STBX has SS and she admitted to having "supervised" STBX and SS playing outside when SS is with us. Which means she was also watching MY child as STBX used to keep her for me on Tuesdays. And apparently those friends of her have been "looking out for SS" for a while. I was shaking I was so mad. What were they doing? Was I ever changing in my room when someone was spying? Did someone watch me play with my daughter in MY own home? What the f#ck kind of shit is this???? Oh, and the best part--STBX's response to BB basiaclly admitting her stalking? "I'm sorry to bother you so late."

Yes, ladies. He APOLOGIZED to her. I can't. I really can't. I told him that he BETTER HAVE HIS SHIT OUT OF MY HOUSE completely and totally by June 1. I don't care if his lease isn't until 7/1. he can stay at his hotel or with that friend of his and put his shit in storage. I will NOT live under surveillance with my baby. Mostly, I won't stand for this joke of a man who is unable to stand up to the Golden C#nt (tm Solroh). He has refused to protect me or this family from her antics from DAY FRIGGIN ONE and I dealt with it for his sake. No more.

Of course, I am a heartless, selfish person and STBX can't believe that I am so "ungrateful." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yes, he was a good Dad to DD, but I've thanked him for that 100000000000 times. And being a good father doesn't mean you get to be a lousy husband and partner. I simply refuse to bear the brunt of his psychotic ex any longer. Master manipulator that he is, he turned it all around on me. HE told me that he wished the lease was in his name because he would like nothing more than to "kick you and DD out on your asses right now." Nice, huh? I am NOT taking pleasure in this. When I drew to his attention that he has never but out family first, he told me again that SS would always be #1 and I'd never be. Great. Thanks. Now don't let the door hit your dumb ass on your way out.


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I would just have to leave it to Karma honey. Karma always finds it's way, you know? When people are horrible to others, well, it's comes back on them.