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Our Lawyer <Eyeroll>

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"Mr. Lawyer"

We received your invoice in the mail yesterday. We have a problem with paying at this time. We still haven't had anything that we have been asking for accomplished since Jan. and then the contempt in March. 

"BM's" employer was likely never served and I had to be the one to figure that out- I still don't understand why no one in your office followed up after 30 days. Nothing was sent to the people we requested last week to get her company served this upcoming week. Contempt still hasn't been filed. We still don't have a court date... the only thing we do have is a $2300 bill. 


Until something actually happens, I am requesting that these charges be put on hold. It is in no way fair or reasonable to pay for a service when nothing tangible has happened. Once we can get her company and headquarters served and file for contempt, we will be happy to make a payment. 

Amazingly, 9am their timezone the emails from him started pouring in. The contempt has be drawn up, the subpoena's have been emailed for our people to serve them. He emailed the judge for a court date. Damn, that is a lot for just an hour, don't ya think? I am so sick of this. We have been taken advantage of by everyone in the court system. 


Lawyer did ask about our plans for SS this summer and if we were going to talk to him about coming out. My Response: 

We will request, but our plan was to suggest in court that he be sent back with us directly after the hearing.

We don’t expect that to happen, or even know if we actually want it to, especially if we are moving, which we still don’t know. "DH" did make rank so everything for the next couple of months is 100% in the air. He could literally have orders to Japan in 30 day. We just have no idea. That’s why we wanted this stuff done months ago.

We shall see what happens next. He is "shooting for a end of July court date". I have surgery July 20th that he was made aware of the begining of April. We have Cruise the middle of June. DH and I both have jobs. This is just all freaking awesome. 


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Your lawyer is a giant sloth but not as cute.

In reality I suspect that your work gets kicked to the bottom of the to do list because you are on the other side of the country and less able to rock into the office to be the squicky wheel demanding attention.  And now money talks.

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Your lawyer is slow rolling you. Speak up about everything, it seems the only time he's moving forward is when you kick him in the tush.

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That seems to be the only way to motivate lawyers.  When DH was getting screwed by Child Support Services DH reached out to his lawyer to help him.   She essentially told him there wasn’t much she could do since it was a “glitch” in CSS services that kept charging him child support and sending wage garnishments to his employer after his CS was already paid and was no longer required.  DH snapped back that she still owed him $500 worth of work, unless she would like to cut him a check that day.  Wouldn't you know she got off her lazy a$$ and made a phone call that very day and everything got squashed and child support services got the "glitch" fixed in their system pronto.

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Between a poisonous snake in the road and an attorney in the road?

There are skid marks in front of the snake.

What do you call a failed attorney?

Your honor.

What's the difference between a vacuum cleaner and an a lawyer riding a motorcycle?

The vacuum cleaner has the dirtbag on the inside.

How are an apple and a lawyer alike?

They both look good hanging from a tree.

What's the difference between a jellyfish and a lawyer?

One is a spineless, poisonous blob.  The other is a form of sea life.