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Court wasn't too bad today

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At our last court date, trying to set child support, BM still didn't have all the paperwork that was requested, and she announced that she quit her job (shocker, right?). The judge set a court date for 6 months from that day to set child support, which was today. During that 6 months she was ordered to seek employment, provide a list of all the placed she applied on the 1st of every month, and once she found a job she was to hand over copies of pay stubs immediately upon receipt. She gave DH's attorney 1 list of places she applied, and that was it. Nothing else in 6 months.

Since this was in a court order and she didn't follow the order, she was in contempt. DH's attorney filed for a contempt hearing, which was supposed to also happen today. BM didn't even show up. We were sort of hoping a warrant would be issued for her arrest. I know that wouldn't have solved anything, but this is at least the 3rd time she has completely ignored a court order and she has yet to get in any trouble whatsoever for it, and damn it, I just want to see her have to deal with the consequences of her actions JUST ONCE! The judge said he will not issue a warrant because she was not personally served the paperwork, it was mailed, and she can argue that she didn't get it. Fine, but the judge himself handed her the last order saying the next court date for child support was today, so she knew damn well she was supposed to be there today, even if she didn't know about the contempt hearing (and I know she did, the attorney emails everything to her as well as snail-mailing.)

We know she has a job now. 2 jobs, actually. SD told us, and we heard SD talking to her about it on the phone. SD told us the names of the places and where they are. She tells us all the time that mommy has to work a lot when she is there for visitation. So, after a little discussion between the attorney and the judge, he FINALLY SET CHILD SUPPORT! It's been almost 18 months since DH was awarded sole custody, and that ass-hat can't avoid and ignore her responsibility to support her kid anymore. FINALLY!

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Of course there is discrimination against the fathers. My ex-wife barged into my home punched me in the face and attempted to take my girls because she misunderstood the visitation schedule. Police were called and when I asked to press charges it was met with "If I'm arresting her then I'm arresting you." It made no sense what so ever but I guarantee that if I did the same in her apartment I would be hauled off to jail. My ex has harassed me to no end, her family has harassed me and still the police just shrug it off most likely because she plays quite the innocent victim roll very well.

She has tried to get CS from me but luckily has been denied because she refuses to work and we got a judge who doesn't put up with her BS. She pays me child support but for some reason thinks that because she is the mother that it automatically would go to her.

Good luck

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There is discrimination in the Family Court System. The degree of it varies from state to state..and there ARE some judges who are starting to see through these psycho BMs.

I truly think that the best way to overhaul the system would be to NOT have any Federal Govt kickback associated with the CS the states collect. Or add some sort of kickback to states for enforcing the NCP's parenting time!

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I have no doubt there is discrimination. If DH had pulled ANY of the crap BM has pulled, he would be in jail. Absolutely. Although, there was 1 time BM called the cops because DH refused to give SD back to her early on one of his holidays - thankfully the officer involved was a guy and basically told her to shove it. She apparently screamed at the officer on the phone, so he was less willing to deal with her - he told DH 'She's a little high-strung, isn't she?'. She has yelled at the judge and the GAL in the courtroom, and smarted off to the judge numerous times. But, it was pretty awesome when the judge yelled at her and called her a dead-beat. That kinda made my day Wink