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I failed at disengagement again

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Hi, my name is justmakingthebest, and I am an engager. It has been less than 24 hrs since I last engaged with SS drama.


The school sent me SS's physical. I lost my shit. Again.

I told the spec. ed teacher everything that was going on. I agreed to leave the 504 alone because by doing so his fake "dyslexia" diagnosis means he gets a reading tutuor/OT to help get him to grade level since he is 4 yrs behind. 

When I saw the physical report I just lost it. I sent in his med record sheet showing that everything on the physical was a lie. None of those things are wrong with him. I told them that at this point my husband and I have no choice but to talk to our lawyer and consider calling CPS. 

Something has to be done to stop this woman from convincing this idiot teen that he is sick. HE ISN'T SICK! We are waiting to hear back from the lawyer now. 


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We all do it. We can say we dont care but we do. It's our households, it's our money directly or indirectly if it's DH money it is still household money spent, it's our future. I have a stake in the well being of the skids. I want them to launch and I want DH to be happy & relaxed. He is neither of those things with all the skid drama.

If this kid is convinced he is sick and needs disablility and BM needs more CS then it will affect your household and finances. Dont let BM bring this kid down because she is a needy useless bitch. You are doing ss a favor, dh a favor and society a favor as well as yourself.

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 for ever.  If he is disabled  you have to get the lawers  involved in this.