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Exciting changing up SS17's room

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I was scrolling FB a couple of days ago and apparently there is one Foreign Exchange Student left this school year without a host family for our school district. The group was begging for help. It is a girl from Spain, 16 yrs old. I got on the phone with DH (He is TDY for 3 weeks) and told him I really wanted to do this. We have the room, he is going to be gone non-stop anyway- what's one more teen when we have 3?? 

DH agreed! I have our home visit tonight, but everything looks like she will be here in the next couple of weeks. My daughter (stb15) is excited, my son (16) says "he will tolerate her for me" (such a good teen boy answer). I think he is mostly worried his room will have to be kept clean because he has a girl in his class living with us. LOL

I am just really excited. I am going to take this girl shopping and let her decorate away! SS17 never had an interest in doing anything so it is bare bones in there anyway. I am pumped to no longer even see it as his room! Kick the last of him to to curb! 


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That's really awesome,  how cool is that?! That sounds like a lot of fun. Will one of your teens also be going to Spain? 

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No, we are just hosting. My son takes German, he is in level 4 now but doesn't want to go over for schooling. My DD has no plans to take a language, hopefully this will help change her mind!

My SIL is from Columbia though, so we do have a spanish speaker in the family and I hope that makes her feel more comfortable! My brother has learned a lot from his wife. I'm sure we will all figure it out. 


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That is so amazing. I've always thought the exchange program was so great,  what a good opportunity,  I think you'll have a lot of fun hosting someone. 

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Hey, JMTB!

My daughter, who works at a Canadian university, sponsored a nineteen-year-old pharmacy student from Spain from 2016 to 2018. She was a delightful girl and became so much a part of the family that she has been in constant contact with my daughter since returning to Spain. Amanda (the student) was able to visit my daughter before Covid struck and my daughter and son-in-law have plans to attend Amanda’s wedding next spring.

If your prospective Spanish young’un has half the manners and exemplary behaviour of Amanda, you are in for a treat! 

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That is So awesome! Ya we toyed with the idea of fostering kids but tbh...I have too many kids already.  I'm super excited for you though! Such a great opportunity for the both of you Smile

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I really want to foster, DH wants to wait until he is out of the military. His family also grew up fostering kids- so he has some 1st hand experience. We would want teens and they just tend to come with extra baggage. Not that it's a bad thing, but having 2 parents home nightly makes a difference.

With the exchange program, the students have strict guidelines and rules. For example, if they get caught drinking- they get sent back immediately. The coordinator joked that she wished we had this kind of back up with our own children! LOL 

I don't think there is going to be much trouble other than adding a 4th teen to the household! Normal stuff with learning a new family. 

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DH wanted to take on an exchange student because we had an extra room (OSDs) and he didn't want to see it empty. I put an immediate NO to that because I knew it would all fall on me, based on experience, and I don't want a parental role. It's a great thing if you can do it though. We had an exchange student when I was in high school, from Sweden. She was great and we kept in touch for years, but lost touch in the last 10. I should track her down.