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The nasty Brat...

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Its been a couple of years now that my SD15 is acting like a complete BRAT. She is a greedy pig, (steals snacks, hoards them and pigs out) She is a liar, she is a drama queen - recently she took 4 painkillers and rang an ambulance at 1am - without waking us - the dogs barking woke us - suffice to say the paramedic didnt take her anywhere, just advised her to talk to her family etc. We kept her off school - and her brattish behaviour commenced once more.

She has just come back from a school trip to Spain, cost us a fortune - no thanks, and a shitty, rude arrogant attitude, before and after she got back.

I think she is spoilt - she says what she wants, swears profuseley and is a cocky, vain madam.
A saving grace is that her Mum (my partner) sees that she has been spoilt and that her behaviour is unacceptable and Brat. But her mum is so manipulated by all this, blames herself for the behaviour and is woried sick . She commented this morning that she feels her kids hate her - its sad to hear/see

My SS16, whilst slightly more mature and not quite so nasty, has his momnets too. Lazy, makes excuses for not helping, yet gets treated so well by us.

I am juat thinking ahead to happy times when they have both LEFT home!!

My partner commented that if she were me, she would have left by now.... Sad

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Surprise!! Her kids do hate her. They have no respect for her because she has not earned their respect.

She needs to knock her guilt parenting crap off pronto, put on her big girl parent panties, and start enforcing rules and behavioral standards in the home. Or in more direct terms, she needs to start putting her foot up the asses of her hell spawned children.

As my signature line says ... a parent is an example, mentor, confidante, advocate and disciplinarian to their children. A parent is not a buddy.

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and how do i gently tell her all that! LOL

I totally agree with you!

It annoys me so much and it consumes my thoughts all the damn time -

Ive become pretty blank with the pair of them - they were nicer a few years back and their mum actually seemed stricter

Since theyre taller (fatter) and older - she has been manipluated

They told us all manner of lies about why they dont like going to their Dads at every fortnight - i could see they were just causing trouble and being hurtful to us

How do i tell her to toughen up without arguements or offense being caused

(I have no biological kids - just two fabulous dogs... Smile