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Been a hell of the last 2 weeks

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DD14 was in an ATV accident while she was visiting cousins in upstate NY with her dad the day after Thanksgiving. She snapped her humerus in half, lost a kidney, internal bleeding and a chest wound that has required 5 surgeries as of today.

DH and I were in the car about 2 hours north of our home in VA when we got the call that she was in the accident. The 7 hrs to get to her were brutal. 

ExH and I have been with DD in the hospital for the last 2 weeks. We spend the days together with her and rotate nights. DH isn't allowed to see her even though he is here, thanks Covid. 

Hopefully we will be discharged this weekend and can go home. SS21 and BS16 have been a wreck and are staying with my parents. DH told SS17 what happened with no response. Not that we are surprised. 

I just have to say/brag on my husband. He is so good to us. He has been the errand boy and my shoulder to cry on without complaint. I don't know what I would have done without him and honestly if roles were reversed I don't think I could handle being in his shoes (not that BM would have even told him, let alone them spend 12 hrs a day together). 

DD is the star of the hospital. Nurses argue over who gets her, nursing students have made her presents, surgical staff snag her- she is just so positive and funny and has been a Rockstar through it all. Even in ICU, she was just amazing. 

I can't wait to get home and start to put this nightmare behind us. PSA- don't let your kids ride 4-wheelers!!!! Nothing is worth this. 


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I'm so glad she's recovering! How scary!! So sorry you all had to go through this. Hope you all can rest safely at home soon!

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I'm so sorry this happened! But thankful your daughter is okay! I agree on the 4-wheelers. My daughter got into an accident that could have been really bad. We still aren't sure how those girls did NOT get seriously hurt. Prayers for your daughter's continuing recovery.

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doing better! Nothing is scarier than your child being injured or seriously ill.

There's a guy in our neighborhood who is in his early 30's. He's paralyzed with no hope of recovery, all from riding on an ATV. And another family we know lost a child in an ATV accident. I hate them with a passion.

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Alarming!  I'm glad shes doing better.  What an experience.  Just wow.

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Alarming!  I'm glad shes doing better.  What an experience.  Just wow.

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Oh my, I am so sorry! It must have been terrifying. It sound like your DD has been through an enormous amount of pain, but I am so glad that it wasn't worse. I hope that she's well on the way to recovery and y'all can get home soon. 

I grew up in the Texas hill country and ATV accidents are very common because almost everyone has one and people start riding really young. My parents always forbade it because one of my Dad's friends was paralyzed from an accident. Then a friend of mine died on one when I was in college, and several years ago a family friend lost their 8 year old son on one. They are so, so much fun but you're right, it isn't worth it. 

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All fun but very dangerous.   Glad to hear your DD is recovering!

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I'm so thankful that your daughter is recovering from her awful injuries.  You must have been so terrified for her.

Please make sure to carve out some down time for yourself once you get her safely home.  You will have been living on your nerves since you got the new of the crash and will need some self care once you get past the worst of the experience.

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OMG, I'm glad she's okay. NY hospitals are full to the brim with COVID patients so it's a rough time to need Intensive Care.  Hope it was close to NYC where the rates are lower than way upstate.

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Rochester... but I am very happy with this hospital. They have been wonderful to us!

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So happy she is going to be ok.   

I agree, 4 wheelers, side by sides scare the crap out of me and I don't go on them but I have no problem riding a motorcycles.

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How scary !

Your DD will pull through .

Here is to a rapid recovery to your lil rockstar. Also your DH sounds fabtastic!

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This is why I said no to any type of 4 wheeler, two wheeler activity.  Just too much of a chance of an accident.  This also included jet ski's and trampolines.  

Three cheers to your DH for being there for you and DD.

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I am so sorry! Growing up, if there was one thing my mom was adamant and never budging on was not allowing any of her children to ride four wheelers, dirt bikes, or anything like it while living under her roof. She had known too many people who had been seriously injured including paralyzed for life. As a kid, it was annoying, but as an adult I totally understand it now. At 27, I've been on a four wheeler once and a street bike once and that'll be all forever.

I am happy to hear that she is so positive and upbeat despite the terrible accident. Good on your DH, but we all know he is a terrific guy already! Glad your ex isn't making the situation more stressful or worse. Sending positive vibes your way!!!!

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Sending all the good vibes to you, your DD, and whole family. And I'll add all the doctors, nurses, techs, etc. too.

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I'm glad to hear she is on the mend, but how absolutely terrifying for you! Hopefully she gets to come home this weekend so you all can be together again.

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So glad she's doing so much better!  And will get better too!

I hate those things. Like some people here I know some who were injured badly while using them and a couple years ago a friend died after a crash (massive internal injuries).

Hope you have a great holiday coming up!

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Your daughter's accident confirms, once again, that bad things happen to the best people. I’m not surprised that your daughter was a champ during her horrific experience; that young ‘apple’ didn’t fall far from the tree. To demonstrate her kind of courage, at only 14 years of age, is remarkable. 

As mentioned above, dear lady, please take some time out to recover from this trauma; you need it! Give rose


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How traumatic for your family, JMTB. I'm glad your daughter is recovering well, and kudos to you for raising such a tough girl!

Getting THAT call when you were some distance away must have been absolutely horrifying. I've been there, and it's not an experience I'd wish on anyone.

Hugs to you. Please practice self care.

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Thank you everyone for the kind words. We are lucky that she is going to be ok. Especially lucky that she was told to wear a helmet!! This could be an entirely different post. 


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So glad she was wearing a helmet. My sister is a therapeutic riding instructor and has worked with adults with traumatic brain injuries and the struggles that have are just heart breaking. No one gets on one of her horses without a properly fitting helmet.

I am sending positive thoughts to your whole family. You have been through enough for one year. Take care.

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So happy your daughter's OK! I can't even imagine how awful the trip was to get to her, and  I pray to never be in that situation. Thank God it wasn't worse. Many hugs and positive, healing vibes to you both!!