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Updates from DD's accident

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DD14 is doing really well. We spent a total of 6 days in ICU and 10 more in the hospital. We took 2 days driving home from NY to VA, stopping in MD to stay the night at exH's house. Have I mentioned that my husband is the greatest man ever?? There is no way in hell I would have tolerated what DD begged of DH. 

She still has a long recovery ahead, we still don't know if she will keep her dying kidney or if they will remove it. Hopefully we will know more with her next follow up next week. She has another Ortho appointment tomorrow, I have a feeling they are going to recommend surgery, which we were trying to avoid but her arm is just not healing right, you can feel it. She snapped her humerus and normally for kids her age they let it heal with a pressure brace and basically gravity but her arm is bowed out and you can still feel where the bones aren't touching and it is has been 30 days. 

I also made an appointment with plastics for her breast. The wound to her chest took 5 surgeries to close. It looked like someone ran a chainsaw across her chest and took out her left breast. I don't know why that appointment brings me to tears but in talking to the nurse about scar reductions (The scar is running from her collar bone all the way around and down under her breast and curved back up to her armpit) and spacers that they can inflate as she develops to create a symmetrical look until they do an implant.. .I think knowing what my mom has gone though with her double mastectomy just makes it all very real. 

In other news, SS17 actually texted DH last night to thank him for some decal DH got for his car. DH was a blubbering mess, I had to walk away. I told him that I am glad SS reached out but I am not ready to forgive him or be ok with anything regarding him right now. Of course he didn't ask about DD, so F that asshole. I hope I never have to see him again.  

Today has been my first real day back to work, I was working remotely for the last 2 weeks but just doing enough to keep our business running-ish. I am so overwhelmed it isn't even funny, which is why I decided to jump on ST! LOL


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Oh, Hon!

I got choked up, reading, 

~ The wound to her chest took 5 surgeries to close. It looked like someone ran a chainsaw across her chest and took out her left breast. ~

When my younger daughter was your girl's age, she was diagnosed with scoliosis, a spinal curvature that put an end to her promising gymnastics career. She went from being a ‘star’ to being a kid with a body brace, along with the new braces on her teeth. It was devastating, watching her descent into depression, her self-esteem evaporated.  Knowing exactly how you feel, I wish that I could reach through the ether and give you the biggest hug ever!

My girl, like your daughter, is a strong person who soon recovered her stability and has been very successful in life; she runs a lucrative business and coaches gymnastics in her spare time.

Hon, this horrific event will always make you shudder but you have raised a champ who has already proven her ability to overcome. 

All the best! Give rose


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I cried too. Thanks for the update, I was thinking about you and wondering how she was doing. It sounds like she takes after you, so her strength will see her through. Sending positive thoughts to all of you.

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for the update.  I've been thinking of you both.  I am glad she is recovering but am sorry to hear she has such a long road ahead of her.  She sounds like she is a strong young woman-like her mama.  I can understand you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed....certainly understandable.  Take care of yourself too.

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Was wondering how things were going! I'm so glad to hear she's recovering well. Please keep us posted. Will be thinking of her and lifting her up in my prayer time.

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As for ss, don't waste your breath on him. Skids like him who only selfishly care for themselves would be jumping for joy hearing you or dd died. There is no care or concern and no feelings inside of empathy/compassion. They're messed up people of their own accord. 

worry about your own child and healing together. Hope everything gets better and just take one day at a time.

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So glad to hear your DD is doing better and healing well!

Not surprised at all that your obnxious SS didn't say one word about her.  What a dumb f.  I would never lift another finger for that little a hole.  

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I hope your DD makes a complete and full recovery. 

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Holy moly, your poor daughter.  What a terrible ordeal.  Sending hugs to you and your family.  Hope she continues to recover fully.  

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So very sorry to hear this happened, I hope all goes well with recovery and re-constructive surgeries.  

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God, that sounds like a horrible accident. Wishing for as quick a recovery as possible! 

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I hope your daughter is feeling better soon, that is so much to go through. 

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Im so sorry she is going through this! How terrible for her, but shes got a strong support system.

Blessings and prayers for DD and your family. Keep us posted!

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Im very sorry to hear about the accident and Im very happy for all of you that she is getting better.

You are probably already on top of this but please get your daughter into therapy as soon as she is able. I had a sick child and dealing with health issues can be quite harmful to one's mental health.

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Sounds like you're on top of everything and moving forward as best you can. 

Kids are resilient beasties, and while your daughter may not "bounce" back, she WILL heal. By next autumn, you're going to look back and be amazed at how far she's come.

2022 is shaping up to be a great year for your family.