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I had endocorporeal septoplasty and scopic sinus surgery Wednesday last week. Was meant to be under for 1.5 hours turned in to a 3.5 hour surgery from all the scar tissue in my nose that had to be cleaned out. My first stitches were removed today and I am healing decently.

Hope all of you are hanging in there.


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I had the same surgery, and it helped so much! I had had breathing problem my whole life, and the improvement was like night vs. day. Hope your results are equally good.

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I was in hospital once with someone who had a sinus operation and It looked really painful. Hope you are feeling better and wish you a speedy recovery.

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hey hey hey woman, I was wondering what the heck happened to you

hope you feel better soon and back to your old self, how's hings going with the chuckmeister }:)

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Blum 3 Blum 3 Blum 3 Blum 3 Blum 3

hope it's all good with Polly and BabyD..... what BabyD is probably running around driving you crazy by now...

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OMG - that sounds like a wretched surgery to recover from. I hope the pain meds are fantastic!! Speedy healing. Glad to have you back!