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20 Days until court

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We haven't purchased plane tickets yet because DH's leave hasn't  been approved. The judge for some reason is insisting that this be an in person hearing. We don't understand why we need to be there. She is on the line for contempt, not us. Our lawyer has all the evidence. It should be pretty straight forward. 

Our lawyer SAID he is trying to get it moved to a zoom hearing but honestly I don't think he is doing anything. 

All I know is that I have too much going on with my own family to deal with this bull crap right now. I know DH doesn't want to fly out to court without me, but I REALLY want to tell him that he is on his own this time if his leave ever gets approved. The governor is starting a shut down here again, so who knows if he will even be allowed to go! 

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate uncertainty?!?! 


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Why on earth would any judge make you get on a plane, during a pandemic, when you aren't the party in contempt??? 

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RIGHT!?!?!?! I don't understand it at all! Unless he is thinking he will terminate her custody (yeah right) there is no need for us to be there in person. The cost alone should be reason enough. 

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Well, he did say he'd put her in jail if she violated the order - so maybe he does feel he needs the other parent there in the event that BM gets hauled off in handcuffs.

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Well, even if not, they would need to make plans for the child.

If it's just a jerk judge power move, that would be ridiculous.

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If they do haul her out of court to the Big House,  you'd hate to miss that.  But it really doesn't seem like going makes a lot of sense for you. 

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I would go off the assumption there is a reason the judge requires your DH to be there in person. Personally I would go as I couldn't handle the suspense of knowing what the reason was lol. Also I'd hate to miss seeing BM get sent to jail lol. 

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Missing BM being handcuffed would be TRAGIC! 

Hmmm... Maybe even if DH can't go out I will just in hopes of that! LMAO


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So you can play it over and over and over,  of coursing making a .gif out of it.

But let's face it.  A BM getting thrown in jail for contempt is about as rare as a heat wave on Saturn.

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IF that actually happened I would record it and send it to anyone here who wanted to see it! 

I have a feeling though that the judge is going to go with "Ok BM, this is your last chance!" like she is freaking little bunny foo foo! 

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She was already given a last chance, now the judge will sternly say, "Very, very last chance".  I swear sometimes these family court judges are all disney dads pandering to their mini-wives.