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Next Week's Hearing

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DH finally got his leave approved yesterday for the hearing 1300 miles away on Monday. 

We have been trying to get this done via Zoom but the judge (according to our lawyer) hasn't given a yes or no for that yet. 

I reached out to him again today to ask what we should do, we didn't buy plane tickets yet because we were waiting on leave being approved. Now they are almost $1,000. He said to not buy the tickets, he would try again to get it done on zoom but that he had no confidence that anything would happen at this hearing either way since we are on a regular docket day and not special trial (Don't know why our lawyer f**ked that one up too...but whatever). So this is probably going to be a "Guilty or Not Guilty" pleading only and then trial scheduled. 

Yay... just keep on kicking the rocks down the freaking road. I freaking hate Kansas. Just the whole dang state now. I just wanted this last hearing and then to be done. Done,done. FOREVER DONE. Buuuttt Nooooo... Stupid Kansas. 

Why this can't just go down like this:

Judge: It says here BM, that you haven't given the father any medical information even though he has asked repeatedly.

BM: Buuuttt I'm the MoThEr

Judge: Guilty. Go to jail for 30 days.

I mean super easy right??? 


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This is a danged if you do.. danged if you don't situation.

You are right.. at the rate things will go.. the most likeliest scenario is that BM will come and claim that she is "not guilty".. because "mother.. covid.. whateverhavesyou".  

If your DH goes.. it won't really make the outcome different from the above...

If he doesn't go.. it is just an indication to the judge that perhaps "he doesn't care as much"..and that could have some impact on future decisions... but honestly, at that cost.. during spiking covid.. it is ridiculous that they cannot have the hearing via electronic means.. but maybe there are legal reasons why.. who knows.

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Rare to see BM's in contempt for not providing DH's with their rights.

Think about that for a sec...your dh, like many dh's have rights to kids medical. And yet, bm's refuse to hand access over.

They get away with it Justmakingthebest. 

Trust me, you are not alone.

Wait until ss goes to college and dh wants access to his grades.

Sorry about all this mess. I DO know how you feel about all of it.



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This hearing is about more than the medical isn't it also about withholding access to the SS and phone calls, visits, etc? The medical is newer issue on top correct?

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Yes, this has 6 different contempt violations. I just condensed it as an attempt at humor.

Medical was always on there, it is just that finding out recently that he got hurt and was seen in 2 hospitals and has been in physical therapy weekly for the last 7-8 weeks makes it a hot button issue for me personally. 

We are hoping that there will also be Alimony (DH over paid by like 10K) and child support resolutions as well. BM claims she needs another 8 months of Alimony. It is all a giant shit show.