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It's called "child support" NOT " BABY MOMMA" support

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I HATE HATE HATE BM with all that I am. Right now BF is working at a low paying job, I am supporting us financially, he is in school, today is his last day he took his written exam yesterday as well as his hands on test! This fucken bitch is calling him last night about money already! Do you think he walks out of school with a job you dumb bitch, yes they have job placement but they DO NOT hand you a certificate and a job. So she proceeds to cry about her credit card bills, he was like that is NOT my problem. Stop maxing them out! She told him she just went on a shopping spree 4th of July. GRRR its called child support not baby momma support, its called child support not Cuntzilla support. Then she tries to lay the “oh you don’t want to pay for your kids” bullshit. He says yes I do but that doesn’t mean paying for you. So she gets all snarky with him with her “blah blah blah” he says listen I have told you a million times let the lawyers handle this, it is what we paid them for.

The icing on the cake she is dumping the boys off by his Mom tonight so she can have a night off. She has had EVERY weekend off since the middle of May. He says to her Cuntzilla you spend NO time with them, complain about how bad they are, whine about supporting them, you pay NO rent, NO utilities you have NO living expenses other then clothing and feeding our children, and you work FT. If you can’t deal with being a Mother then give them to me and he hung up!!

This fucking girl gets under my last layer of skin. This BS with dumping the kids by his Mom creates a problem between us, because now he feels he HAS to go over there and see them tonight, so even though it is NOT our weekend my Friday night or part of it will be spent alone. Don’t bother saying BF’s Mom should say no, she won’t she is afraid if she pisses of Princess Cuntzilla she won’t let her see her grandkids.

UGH so pissed. Some days I just want to through in the towel and say fuck it I am done with this BS.


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We call it whore tax. Although DH is custodial, so in our case DH makes the whores pay him.

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She only has 2 and both are with BF I don't care how many more she prits out with someone else not my head ache. I only hope who ever the poor sucker is he has a BM that is 50 shades crazier the her so she will get what she has so freely given.

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Yes I have been dealing with this way too long and really am coming to a breaking point. I love BF but I can't with her anymore. She has no clue about the real world and her lack of parenting filters it way into my life. I don't need this I have my own kids to raise, and am at the point where they know right from wrong and just need guadiance.

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Ugh I understand your frustration. When SS2 first came to stay with us in March BM still expected child support from BF even though the kid was living with us FULL TIME... She texted him "I know SS2 is with you but me and SS9 need money too!" (SS9 isn't even biologically BFs and she gets CS from his actual Dad). I wanted to smack BF for actually giving the dumb bitch money, I'm sure she spent it all on drugs. I lost my shit on him after that so it definitely never happened again. And now that she doesn't have SS9 anymore she doesn't dare ask for money.

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LMAO Ohhhh I don't know what I was thinking, must be all the crack I smoke!! :jawdrop:

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Awesome mom! At the end of the day, your kids will benefit knowing what work ethic is and what not blaming everyone else for your problems is all about.