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Emotional blackmail 101

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I think my SD is the undisputed queen of the universe when it comes to emotional blackmail but she might be missing a few nuggets.  Let me know if you have any more.

The bank messed up my account again, Dad.

The doctor says stress is bad for me, Dad.

Everybody hates me, Dad.

It seems like I can't get a break, Dad.

I promise I'll pay you back, Dad.

The electric company is going to turn off my electric, Dad.

My depression is so bad, Dad.




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My car is having trouble, Dad.

I don't have any food, Dad.

I won't be able to get my doctor's call if I can't get my phone turned on, Dad.

I don't have any money for my prescription, Dad.

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"I have another flat tire, Dad, so I ... (can't visit, need money, need a ride, need you to handle it because I'm too upset)

"The teacher hates me for no reason. I try so hard."

"Nobody listens to me except YOU, Daddy."

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The baby looks just like you, Dad.

Remember the old days, Dad?

You used to be in control of the money, what happened, Dad?

I'll always take care of you, Dad.

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I'm pregnant

I've thought about killing myself 

The drugs weren't mine, I'm a victim!

My car isn't safe enough for your grandchild to be in.

Your grandchild needs a house to live in, our apartment is too small.

It's not MY responsibility.

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My therapist says I have bad anxiety, Dad.

The policeman said it was all a misunderstanding, Dad.

I'll only use your charge card for this one thing, Dad.

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Feral Forger:

- "You are choosing your GF over your own child!" (whe she disresepected me and he had my back and disciplined)

- "Im just a child of divorce! My life is hell!" (when asked to clean her pigsty of a room)

- "I should just go live on the streets then" (when asked to clean her pigsty of a room)

- "I should just kill myself, you dont love me you love HER (me)" (when defending me about not being disrespectful)

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VERY famliiar.  Our variation is, "Everybody would be happier if I just died, Dad".

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Forgot one:

Signing sappy borderline romantic cards: "Love, Your Little Girl" when she was an adult.

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I think you forgot to mention the heart drawings and "X"s on tbe cards

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I cant stop myself.

My therapist says my anxiety is real bad, Dad.

I'm at the doctor's with the baby and they have to have a copay.  They say you can do it over the phone, Dad.

These money troubles make my bad symptoms flare up, Dad.

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I know a grown woman in her early 50's is like this with her step's gross.

She sits on his lap and everything.

AND she calls him "DADDY"

So watch out.ladies...YUCK.

So sorry that any of you are dealing with this. ((((HUGS))))))




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I guess i should be thankful she isnt sitting on his lap.

There's always something to be thankful  for.   Lol.

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This may not fall  in the category of emotional blackmail...but a few years ago princess  SD said "everyday is fathers day" when she told my DH she couldnt see him on fathers day. I mean he is sooooo blessed to work with her everyday. Just warms your heart 

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Isnt that PRECIOUS?  I wonder if you ever hear:

I have to leave early for this important thing, Dad

I need my pay early, Dad

I can't come in tomorrow, Dad, i think I'm getting a cold.