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SD62's Legal Probs, part 2

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Well, we were all wrong.  SD62 did find her way to the courtroom at 9 Tuesday.  DH just spoke to her, I had already seen another vourt date in March.

She says this was a preliminary hearing.  She liked her public defender who she had not met in person.  I believe those are facts.  Then, we veer into what might be the "SD Spin Area for Dad" section where the lawyer said, in effect, it will all go away and don't worry.  Uh huh.

Just an update, guys.  I could hear her voice and she sounded subdued.  She will be here tomorrow so we will see.


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Lawyer says it will go away. We heard that from SD1 about her cases. Did they go away? No!

My very favorite was when SD2 told us that it would go away. She said SD1's husband knew a lot about court and he told her itheir cases would disappear. SD2 seemed shocked when I remarked that since SD1's husband's court knowledge came from being a defendent (and he was codefendant with SD1), I was not sure relying on his expertise was wise. 

All you can do is watch it play out and support DH if the outcome is unfavorable to SD62.

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She's a stone liar so I don't believe anything she says.

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While court experiences give someone direct perspective that people who have not been to court do not have, the details of that experience are pertinant.  Being a crimina defendant is far different than a civil action or family court experience.  I have been in criminal court observing for Law classes I was in in University.   All very interesting.

The most interesting was a DWI case where the defendant was arrested for riding a motorcycle supposedly drunk.  He had left a bar after a few drinks over several hours.  He was pulled over for swerving while riding.   He and his lawyer were brilliant.  He did not blow at the limit for intoxication though he had been drinking.  They then tied the swerves to the weather report. It was a windy night, the officer had documented the cross streets where various swerves had occurred.  Which is where the wind was howling down the streets that the defendant was crossing through at intersections.   He was acquited.

I had my own court event beyond the Family court experiences as a SParent, and divorce court.  The DPS tried to take my license after a car accident.  Their reasoning was that I was a diabetic and had the accident was related to a blood sugar event.  So, I called the law firm I had on retainer for my company. The were a business law firm... and had a capital crimes office as well.  So, I got a Death Penalty defense attorney to represent me in a bench hearing to defend my driver's license.  There was no proof presented by the DPS that indicated a diabetes related cause to the accident. My BG was slightly elevated when they took blood in the ER after I was airflighted to the hospital after the accident.   My death penalty specialist defense attorney and I presented glood work showing my BG, documentation explaining hypoglycemic range and consequences. I was well above that level.  I felt for the young fresh graduate of hte DPS accademy that was the sole person the the prosecuation side. Not even a prosecutor was there.   That poor kid had a stack of files he had to present to the Judge while defendants countered that.  I was one of the few that day with a lawyer.

As we left court after the Judge ruled in our favor, he informed me quite emotionally, that I was the first case he had ever won. He went on to explain that he was a capital crimes defense attorney and all of his clients were guilty.  His job was to keep them from getting the death penalty.  Apparently winning one, was a notable experience for him. Even if it was only to keep my DL in my wallet.

We have gone pro-se in familky law court a few times and won. But we always mapped out path and strategy with our killer Shark lawyer before we went to court.    Often all it took was him sending a letter to the SpermClan on his firm letter head outlining what would follow if they insisted on forcing us to take them to court.  They invariably would crawl back under their slime covered rock at the bottom of their shallow and polluted gene pool

When we did go to court without a lawyer, it was with a clear strategy with reems of documentation supporting our strategy and more reems of documentation presenting the facts related to the SpermClan. They never went to court with much of any documentation, even when it was subpoened by the Courts and the DA's office leading CS reviews. So... we brought the Spermidiot's information. Public records are a wonderful thing.  Not much can remain hidden when one side is willing to dig, and dig, and dig even if the other side wants that information to not come to light.  So, we brought the Spermidiots taxes, arrest records, divorce records when he dumped his then 16yo wife that he married to avoid statutory rape charges during our first court adventure against the SpermClan. She was 16, he was 25, statements from the Constable serving him with summons to court. He physically ran from the Constable.  His state plumber's license, the income breakdown for licensed plumbers in SpermLand county, etc, etc, etc....

If you want to exert your will on the opposition, it can be done.  It just depends how important it is to you, and how much you want to dig.  

People like SD62 learn the hard way, and repeatedly, that what they perpetrate matters and when they get stupid, they win stupid prizes.  

It is far more likely than not that SD62 is going to be decidedly disappointed when it just does not go away. Though sadly, it also will likely not be what she deserves.

Do what you can to protect yourself and DH from her and her crap.

The saddest part of our legal story in the blended family arena is that Spermidiot, the gangbanger wannabe, "gangster rapping" rock star (never happened except in his head), is that it is his second eldest son (his spawn #3) that has lived the Spermidiot's gangbanger dreams. He is serving a significant prison sentence for armed burglary.  Spawn #4 is not far behind the inmate.  The youngest two are biracial and do not have the Spermidiot's Opy Cunningham challenges to becoming a crip or a blood.  They have both put a lot of effort into living daddy's gangbanger dreams.

SS took a trip to SpermLand specifically to put the SpermIdiot up a wall by his throat when his brother was first arrested. That was for a gun violation when he was 16.  SS told the Spermidiot that if any of his younger sibs were arrested again that he would be back and the Spermidiot would not like it when SS got done with him.  Once they youngest 3 had all turned 18, SS let them live the consequences of their choices and did not deal with their idiot father.  SS decided his life and future was far more important than the Spermidiot and the crimes of the three younger Spermidiot spawned half sibs by 2 other baby mamas.

Though it does break my son's heart that his sibs have not escaped the SpermClan shallow and polluted gene pool shit show. 

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I was in a jury pool (not ultimately selected) for an accident case. I saw what a brilliant defense attorney could do.  A young man was driving an expensive car fast and hit and injured someone.  They were suing for big bucks, the young man was from a Middle East oil family.  During the jury questioning, the defense attorney hammered on prejudice toward the young man's ethnicity.  I could see how that was going to go, I was even starting to feel sorry for him myself.  Lol.

My overriding feeling as I left the courthouse that day was all the sadness and unhappiness in that building.  I didn't know how anybody could stand to work in that atmosphere. .


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Hope for the best prepare for the worst, right?

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She was here yesterday and seemed factual about it all.  A rational discussion of possibilities.  You never know which version of SD62 will show up, the adult version or the crazy one.

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Frankly for your sake I hope they throw away the key!  So far Chef's ferals haven't been in the police blotter...yet


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I would love it if she went away for awhile at the state's expense but it seems like there will be some kind of fine and probation.  It SEEMS like it's slowed her craziness down somewhat for now.