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SD62's Legal Probs: A Quiz

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SD62 participated in a credit card scam almost 3 years ago.  She's been dodging court ("They never let me know!") and it's been continued many times.  Finally last year, a warrant was issued and SD62 was arrested in October during a traffic stop.  Due to overcrowding and her promise to appear, she was released but never appeared.  She was arrested again last month during another traffic stop and jailed.  DH86 had to bail her out with $500.

When we picked her up, she vowed to appear at the January 30 court date (today).  She subsequently told DH it was a minor thing, $50, and once they heard her side, it would all be over.  I told her it was on ( to alert her not to lie too much,).  I know it has to be way over $50.  Last week, she told us, "It's on my calendar."

All day long I've been wondering how it went.  Then I thought, 9 am? At our county seat?  SD62 has very poor navigation skills, I don't think she knows how to get there.  Appear at an unfamiliar destination, find a rare parking space, find the courtroom all by 9 am?  Thankfully, she didn't ask us to go and the only other person would be her daughter, almost as obtuse as SD62. I see on there's a new date in March.

Here's, a quiz.  What happened today?

1). A plumbing problem flooded the whole court building so all cases were continued.

3). SD62 called her lawyer, obviously in pain from a serious ailment, possibly requiring hospitalization immediately. So the case was continued.

3). SD didn't show up.. 


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That's what I'm starting to think, too.

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She will be here sometime during the next week.  If DH doesn't say anything, I'm going to ask how it went and see what she says.  I'll tell her I see it's continued til March.  That way she can't say, "Oh, it's all over".

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Hmmm a new court date set... my guess is SD, overwhelmed by having to show up "early" in the morning at an unfamiliar location, find a rare parking spot and get herself to the correct room in an unfamiliar building, concocted a last-minute excuse to delay her court date yet again. I suspect she is prone to putting off stressful situations?

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Put a tracker on her car and keep feeding her location to the Police.  No need to let her keep doing what she does without actual consequences.

Her ass needs to sit in jail until her court date. If she is sentenced, that time will come off of her sentence.

That they do not shackle her to an eye bold in the floor of the Jail until court date irritates me to no end.  These morons like your SD are what cost the tax payers countless $Millions.  And the Judges, clerks, etc... are all part of it.


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But, I'm trying to be involved as little as possible.  The only thing I want to do is make her aware Im watching the progress on so she can't lie quite as much to DH tho he probably prefers her lies to reality.

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Print the updates from occassionally and leave them on daddy's pillow. He needs the facts so just maybe he will be less succeptable to the cries to daddy to bail her out, etc.....  He needs to just give her the phone number for a bargain basement lawyer that she can call directly and pay for herself... or enjoy her time on the tax payer's room and board budget. Complete with clothing, slippers, and a thin pad on a concrete bed platform peeing in the stainless seatless toilet next to the sink on the wall of her cell.

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I'm guessing 1 because some people always seem to get undeserved breaks in life. (I haven't read other replies because I wanted to play guess which one too)

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True, shes had many undederved breaks.  We will see.

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I was thinking the same thing!!!

People like that seem to not only get undeserved breaks but it's as if it's to the point that divine intervention helps them out. 


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I'm in Misspuri so I google mo.  Once there, you can type in a surname and given name and hit find.   The cases come up and you can select to get more general details.  That much is free.  I think ( don't know for sure) you can subscribe to get more detail.

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With what you've shared since I've been on the board, she just won't show. She'll get daddy to bail her out again.

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I think hes already written off his $500.  If the court system doesnt get it, he'll give it to poor wittle SD to console her.

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3. and more chances ahead ...for warrants etc.

And I get to possibly see feral forger in all her glory this weekend. ugh.

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Promise to update us on FF.

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It's so unbelievable, right?