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SD62 Vindicated

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Well, I was wrong.  SD62 did not take DH's $500 bail refund.  The 3 of us went to the Courthouse today and they cut a check for it while we waited.  They said, "It should have been mailed" but who knows what happened.

SD told me DH kept saying "just tell me the truth, you cashed it, right?". So, anyway, it ended well.

She didn't look good at all, is having multiple health issues, hands shaking.  DH was in raptures, "My 2 favorite people!". Altho she and I were lukewarm, he insisted on going out to lunch.

On and on.....


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Color me shocked, the fact that the payment was never mailed is the only reason SD62 never cashed it.  

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I still think she cashed it.  They probably just don't know it has been cashed yet and reissued another one.  

My SD was also sort of kind of vindicated.  I called Risk Management who contacted the health insurance.  Her insulin was not $800.  It was $400.  So I think she over inflated the amount hoping she was going to get an $800 ash app or venmo and was therefore mad when I was just going to give Walgreens my medical debit card.  

I mean leopards don't change their spots.  They have taught us that we can't trust them.    

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I though she might have used it for her sandwich shop overhead .... but even better if the funds go towards the best use/back to your husbands account. 

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"But I'm not lying this time!"

SD-62 is no doubt preparing to go all in on playing that card in a way that suits the situation on DH getting his $500 back.

Watch your back.  Hopefully DH understands that he needs to watch his too. 

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As long as we got it, I don't care.  SD is a great one for phone calls and going in person wasn't something she would have done on her own.  I told her I had a 33-year career dealing with bureaucracy.  Continual followup and staying polite and showing up in person work.

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But I would go with.  That money is gone forever.  Don't give her money that you expect back.