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Liar's advanced class

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You all have heard about my SD59 who has been such a trial to me with her mini -wife antics, lying, drug use and theft.  Im disengaged from her and have all my defenses up but still.....

Last month, she started telliing DH about a man she had met, introduced at a dinner party by a neighbor.  Around her age, nice apoearance, employed, sincere and best of all, generous.  He bought her a DVD player and a car battery and was attentive.  DH was in raptures, heard wedding bells and had visions of the white knight riding in.  I was glad that at Thanksgiving, she had somebody and that DH had his dreams.

A few weeks ago, she was telling me how great everything was going, how he admired her family focus, how he asked to meet her gkids, all was rosy.  He had talked to SD's daughter and pledged to treat her right.  He had even had SD talk to his ex who spoke glowingly of him, how he praised SD, what a great dad he had been.  SD responded by promising never to be a troublesome girlfriend and vowed to always be available to help ex, like if she needed a ride to the hospital.  Kumbaya.

SD called DH today and he asked about bf.  It's all over.  Boyfriend's daughter called and asked, why are you seeing my dad, he and mom are still married.  MIL lives in the basement and 2 unemployed daughters live with mom and dad.  SD responded righteously that she'd never dated a married man in her life.  I was hearing all this because DH was speaking to her next to me and her voice carries.  She was starting to elaborate when he said, thats enough and hung up.

So that whole story about talking to the wife was a complete fabrication.  Come to think of it, the neighbor's intro was, too. So was the daughter's call.  I'm guessing it was an internet hookup that didn't work out,.

I really don't know how she comes up with all this stuff or how she keeps her stories straight.  Just venting here.



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I could go into more detail but it would gross you out.  She started talking to me about his sexual incapabilities and how she could compensate.  I think I had to go into the other room for some pressing reason then.  Lol.

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Oh I know plenty of adult woman just like that. BM is one of them.  Sadly they never come to the realization that they are the problem in ther life.

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After telling DH about ex-bf, SD59 told him about the latest interest.  He's 44 and drives a motorcycle.  DH screamed, "you're too old for him!"  Of course, like all the others, he was instantly entranced by her, wants to buy her things, etc.

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Cough cough.  I don't know exactly what she's doing but I suspect heavy internet use somehow.  Apparently, this is someone she had a connection with a few months ago who has reapoeared.

There is one reassuring thing.  I never worry about her marrying a loser.  She has entirely too much self-interest to ever do that.  Date losers?  Sure.  Take advantage of everyone possible? No problem.  But she is extremely clear-headed about a permanent thing.  Married 2 super excellent men (who both divorced her).

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Jesus. Well, considering your SD and her life choices, i'm guessing her options are limited. Still, though...

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I just saw a meme that is perfect for your SD.

Text message: Started seeing someone

Reply: As in dating or hallucinations 

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Thats a good one!

Yes, I sometimes think she has hallucinations.  She can sometimes see so clearly but other times we are in fantasy land, big time.

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Damn. I was really hoping I'd get off this site when the Skids were grown. But are they still going to be driving me nuts when they're 59? I'm really depressed now.

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I have 3 SKs.  The boys, OSS57 and YSS53 are fine.  They are living their own lives, are friendly and respectful to me.  I have a good relationship with each altho each relationship is a little different.

SD59 has been a problem since Day One.  For a long time, I thought it was me.  Now I realize she has poor relationships with most people.  Many reasons:  over-indulgent guilty Disney dad, dramatic, volatile BM, jealousy of everybody, tremendous envy, etc.  She sees a psychiatrist (for meds) and is in therapy but I laugh to myself because for therapy to work, 1) you have to want to change and 2) you have to be able to admit guilt.  Neither of these applies here.

So, Irene, don't count on getting off Steptalk anytime soon!  I joined earlier this year and it's been a godsend.  I'm still working thru things and trying to understand dynamics.

One thing ST did was give me the nerve to tell DH no recently.  D'S suggested getting me a gift certif for a cleaning crew for Christmas and I was thrilled.  Then, DH said, how about instead we have SD do it (so he could pay her). I told him no, I don't trust her in the house.  Thanks, Steptalk


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Hire your SD to clean your house ???!!!!  Lololol...she'd clean OUT your house...and that would be the only cleaning going on.  So glad you said NO.

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Sounds like Borderline Personality Disorder.

My DH's younger daughter has BPD, and Oh! the fantasies and lies she would weave. She was a legend in her own mind, the most interesting and beautiful female EVAH.

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Satan is gorgeous as well.  She flips her hair and flounces like the diva she is.  She reminds me of the dancing hippos in Fantasia.


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SD59 sounds like a clone, yes, she is a legend in her own mind, too.  I sometimes think her fantasies are to make her life more interesting, to herself, if nobody else.  She is  drawn like a magnet to any trouble, disagreement, etc.  I don't think she gives a hoot about anybody unless she hears bad news then she's glued to it.  I'll have to look up BPD except that I hate to give her more braonspace than nevessary. I regret the nrainspace I gave her late, departed nutcase BM.