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SD61's coping skills

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SD61 was here today.  For any newbies, this is my manipulative, sneaky, lying, thieving SD.  She's on disability and we supplement her living expense ELSEWHERE.

She was telling us her various adventures and the overall message is her coping skills are getting stronger.   A recent outage left her without electricity and "I didn't call Dad begging to come over and stay".  Her AC is out in her car but she's not asking to have it fixed, said she's ok.  Several other examples.

I thought to myself, since DH86 has emphasized lately that he's getting too old to respond, she has realized she can cope with life herself.  Top bad it didn't start earlier.


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That's good news. If I'm still dealing with SK crap when they're in their 60s I think I'll go insane.

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She is why I AM insane.  Lol.

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The oldest one...the Villiage 42 years old. I don't have any direct impacts anymore but he's always whining to DH about wanting to "camp" with DH using OUR camper. Sorry, are not stepping foot in our RV. Always crying about something he feels short-changed about. And loves to say, "you would do that with CajunMoms bio kids" to which I say, my bio kids have a relationship with DH, respect him, love him and do things with him rather than just take from DH. SMH

I'm so glad I don't have to see or interact with DHs kids.

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These people are eternal victims.  And, nothing is ever their fault.

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Like that only she is married (in name only-- her sugar daddy turned out not to have much sugar).

I'm pretty sure she is still milking our parents age 88 and 87.

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Sure, if you don't have a conscience and they're going along with it, why not continue to use your eightyish parents.

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Every time you post, I think.....I'm 61. Wow.

Sad part of that is....she had the ability to do this all along. 

My DH was very much an enabler of his kids' lazy behaviors, funding ADULTS' lifestyles while he actually did WITHOUT. He eventually saw the light and shut down the ATM. And guess what? They all figured it out. Three of them ended up homeless, sleeping in tents and at the YMCA but they eventually figued out...if you want to eat, have your own place, etc, then you need to work.

One still struggles today....much like your SD....but she's not allowed here so I'm not worried.

Happy for you that this happened, JRI. 

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Its a hopeful sign but her historically poor judgement and oncoming dementia temper my enthusiasm.

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I foresee some version of your stepdaughter in Little Idiot's future. Like you said these people never change. Their lives will always be in turmoil, affecting those around them. 

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She absolutely loves and lives for drama so, yes, her life will always be in turmoil.  I think she finds it interesting to herself and others.

Back in the day when she was finishing high school, I thought she'd make a good social worker.  She loves to hear about trouble and in those days, was streetwise.  But she wasn't interested in any schooling beyond cosmetology.  Whatever.

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In our adventures this occurs on the SpermClan side of the equation.  Spermidiot is 54yo, has 4 all out of wedlock children by three different baby mamas, a number of statutory rape victims over the years, lives rent free in one of the SpermGrandParent's rental properties, drives their hand me down cars, they paid his CS on my SS and on Spermidiot spawn #2, and raised Spawn #2, #3, and #4 with little to no help from their serial statutory rapist idiot son, with multiple gang related charges, weapons violations, etc......

My SS escaped.  His three younger half sibs drank the toxic Kool-Aid and never will escape.  They did not win the mother lottery, were cursed to remain in SpermLand, and never received the facts regarding the shallow and polluted gene pool they reside in.  People who raise shit children and then have to raise their GKs rarely do better with the GKs than they did with their own.


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Yes, we are seeing the GK effect with some of SD's gkids.  It's sad.

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For my SS, his three half sibs were raised by the same dipshits that raised the Spermidiot.  With even worse results.  Spermidiot avoided prison... so far.

Sadly, any Nieces or Nephews my SS's siblings generate, are likely to be just as much a waste of skin as the Spermidiot, SS's half sibs, and will suffer predominantly the same influences.


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And for better or worse, that means good for you two.

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For all her "successes". Hopefully this trend will continue.

Feral Forger (no license still) is working and walking to her job. Progress.

Powersulk hasnt called CPS. Yet.

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I am dreading that's our future with OSD. It's one issue after another. At least she works and isn't asking for money. But how long she'll be able to work we don't know. She's a stripper. She'll age out. She refuses to finish her education, it's been 17 years of on and off colleges. And she in and off her meds without doctors supervision. She surely will be same mess at 60. I don't see her changing. Your stories mortify me. I'll be too old for this crap when she is 60! 

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I hate to say it but you're probably right about your SDs future.  She's saving all this stripper money she's making, right.  Ha ha, just joking.

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She'll be 60 ... rolling up to the stage....still getting tipped because......

Men like anything with a pulse that looks alive.

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Maybe she will figure out a way to make money from men as she ages (cough cough).  SD61 has tried it but so far, not that many takers.  Once, we were in Home Depot and she needed something fixed at her place.  She was trying to talk an older male worker into coming over to fix it for free.   "I make good baloney sandwiches".  Big smile.  He wasn't falling for it.  Embarrassment city.

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You just made me spit out my coffe!

I make good baloney sandwhiches!"

I doubt they are THAT good, SD.

Women who do it themselves often get more help.

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What a pick up line.  smh

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Crazy.  Why do you expect anything less 

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You're right, Harry, I keep getting sucked into illusions.

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The fact that she pats herself on the back at age 61 for not asking Daddy for help is laughable...but also must be infuriating. 

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She was patting herself on the back the other day but she'll probably be calling him for a bailout tomorrow.