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My son turns 18 today

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Yesterday we had a birthday party for him.
This is my step son from a previous marriage. He lives with us 100% of the time.
He sees his Bio Dad about one weekend a month and the other weekends he visits his mom.

This marked a milestone in my life.
17 years ago I did not know if he would except me as a step dad.
He never called me Jon in all those years. Always dad. When my ex wife and I split up, he lived with her for a little while and eventually asked to come live with me again.

Some of my fears back then were...
* Will he grow up to hate me as a teenager?
* Will he leave my life forever after the divorce?
* As strict as I am with him, will he see the fairness and love in my parenting?

Today stamps a seal in my heart.
Those are past fears I never needed to carry.
This young man is entering into the stages of manhood.
And he is a great kid.
The next 20 years will be a blessing to watch him grow into the man he is going to be.


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Congratulations ....... Dad.

Best regards,

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Jon-Boy - Congratulations and what a great story. This shows how much love you and your wife both have in your heart. You have accepted a child into your heart and home... and your wife as well - that is not biologically either of yours - Am I reading that correct?

This is inspirational to me. I am so happy for you - and for him. He is lucky to have you in his life. And your wife too.


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I agree with Stick! Thats truely incredible of you and your wife to be supporting a child that isnt either of your biologically!
Your both awesome people!

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Yes you are reading it correct. And thank you!
I have been thanking my wife all day yesterday. I don't think she knows how much it means to me that she is so freely open hearted with my kids. She opens her heart and home to them and the ex inlaws family.

My wifes mom was asking her, who everyone was to each other. Because they have all met before, but never realy knew each other.
And the story goes something like this.

Ok he was married to her, but now this is her wife. thats thier daughter who was married to my husband, but that is her dad and his wife, they were all camping last summer together it was a fun time. And that little boy in my husbands arms is Sean who is his ex wifes new son from her new husband. And then her mom says, "OH they are just as messed up as our family!"
And felt so right at home... Smile

good times!

My wife told me durring the induction into manhood speech I gave my son,
She looked over at my ex wife, her aunt and her mom, they were crying.
My wife says you did good hun...;-) those are good tears.

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OK- where are there other fellas hiding like you?!? Fathers-who actually are dad's to their kids? The only thing the XI may own up to is that he did the best thing by not being aprt of our children's lives for the last 6yrs and that I DID choose to have my son learn about "women's work" as he always put it. AWESOME job!!

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