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Scheduled for a spanking today.

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So my BS has been lazy and not filling out his planner at school and has been playing catch up with homework all week.
I warned him. I said, "Write your homework assignments in your planner so that I can double check you.
I said if you don't you will get a spanking!

Well he did it one day and forgot the rest of the week.
so I called him over to me yesterday, and told him tomorrow you will get a spanking.
He has been lying about why he didn't finish his homework to us and his teacher. And starting to make excuses. LAME excuses. This kid is an amature. Jeez at least mine were great ones when I was a kid.
I also told him I have a visual aid to show him about Accountability and playing the Victim.

I wanted to show him how to recognize when he is playing the victim and making excuses or blaming others for his mistakes.

I prayed about this spanking. Asked God to reveal if I am being to hard on him.
Personally I do believe in a whoopin if things just get out of control.
My wife didn't feel it was necessary. But I don't like the road he is going down, and I want to make sure he knows he is responsible for his own actions.

So I get this Visual Aid Graph thing from work and set it with my things.
Well, just off next to my things. I didn't want anyone from work seeing me take the silly graph home.

My son, bless his heart, came to me right when we walked in the door and said, "Dad can I get this whoopin done and over with?" I don't want to think about it anymore.

And I,
Sat him down and talked about integrity. How it is component of accountability.
And I said do you remember I said I would show you a graph to help teach you abut this stuff?
He said, "Yeah"
I said, "Guess what I did?"
He smiled and said "You forgot it?"

So no spanking for you. I am a man with accountability.
It was revealed to me that these things happen.
But I need you to remember to do this from now on. OK? You know how important these things are.

I promise I will show you on Monday ok...

(LovingLife) How's that for a lesson hun?


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You raise a man by showing a boy how to be a man. And I think that you nailed it right there.

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Made me smile. Thank you. Sounds like there is a little man growing right under your nose. It makes me really happy to see that there are parent out there who lead by example and actually use thier own mistakes to teach thier children.