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Oh I love my wife!

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She has just left with my step son. I am so excited!
Which is like a 2ND stepson once removed to her.
He is from my ex wife. who had a son from a previous relationship before I was married to her. And he also lives with us.
This day embarks a huge reign of joy in my soul.
They are off to his high school to go get his cap and gown for graduation. And various other things for the day that he graduates.
This day has all kinds of tangential super parental meaning to me.

ONE, she knows the importance of this to him and took matters into her own hands.
She made this happen. This is a bonding she will get from him that she does not realize.
THREE, She even by passed me to make this decision.
TWO, I am home with her BS8. This is something she did without a thought of what her EX would do if he knew I was home alone with him.

Cha Ching!
This means she is growing stronger, She is not fearing him as she used to.
I am so flippin proud of her right now!

100% baby!
no holds barred.
It's becoming all or nothing real quick!
The way a blended family should be in my eyes!


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Wait a minute, you have custody of your EXwifes son? How did that happen?

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I don't know exactly.
I am assuming she really does know the bond my SS and I have. I am assuming she believes I am a good father to him and will continue to do that.

I do not understand the how's and why she has allowed me to stay in his life like this.
But if my above assumptions are true?
Even though she wanted out of our marriage, how much self control did she show to be able to set aside her own issues with me to sacrifice her pride to still allow my SS and I to continue a real father/son relationship.

I bet this has been a biter taste in her mouth for many years.
I bet every person in her life has challenged her with this decision.
I bet this is an everyday battle as a mom she fights with herself.

I can tell you I don't take that for granted and I cherish this with all my heart.
Me and my ex may not see eye to eye on many things. But I do appreciate what she has done.

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I love you hun!

I can hardly keep my eyes open this morning. I am so sleepy.
Thanks for last night!
A bow chicka wow wow!