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The Twins

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When I first met the twins, they were friendly and outgoing - we got along well.  They also like my eldest son whom they’ve known for about 4 years.

As we got to know each other – they wanted to know my story, so I told them about my past relationship with ex-SO and his mini-wife daughter. They were appalled at her possessive behaviour with her Dad.  They said I dodged a bullet by leaving that relationship. I was pretty open with them about it and also told them that I had gone counselling to deal with it and that’s when I heard about emotional incest. They were fascinated and wanted to know more, so I told them as much as I could.  Then Whiny (Twin-1) told me she was dating a single Father who was yet to introduce her to his 3 year old daughter.  They’d been dating for about a year. She asked what she should do.  I just told her it was up to her BF and her to sort out as I didn’t know enough to give out any advice.

Whiny (Twin-1)

Whiny has been married twice. Once to someone who needed to get married to remain in our country.  The second was to her high-school sweetheart.  The wedding was held in the city with lots of pomp and ceremony – champagne etc for everyone at an exclusive venue.

Prior to the wedding, SO had a talk with her and asked her if she really loved her fiancé – their relationship seemed to be one of habit.  Whiny and fiance’s mother also absolutely despised eachother.  However, Whiny insisted this is what she wanted, so the wedding went ahead.

The marriage lasted 2 weeks.

The wedding cost SO and the grooms parents $20G each. Needless to say everyone was just furious.  Guests and family who had flown in from overseas for the wedding, demanded they get reimbursed for the trip.  Whiny shut down and blocked everyone out. She then developed anxiety and became stressed out and had to begin therapy.  She has now been seeing a psychiatrist for over 2 years.  

SO paid for the first 12 months and told her she had to continue to pay for herself (she has a job and could afford it).  He also suggested trying a different counsellor as, after 12 months, the current one didn’t seem to be helping.  Whiny shut that down immediately, and said she was quite happy with who she has.  

Whiny works for a bank 5 days a week however, decided to ask for 1 day off a week for mental therapy.  She then worked for SO for that 1 day, earning $350.

Bossy (Twin-2)

Bossy dated a man who was born with bona spifida.  They dated for about 2 years when he passed away.  She has never dated anyone else.  Bossy is studying to be a nurse and is the mini-wife of SO.  She treats SO like her partner and will call him throughout the day to remind him of things he needs to do, pick up or chores she needs him to complete.  She also buys him gifts constantly like, thai buddha sticks for his car, his favourite olives, salmon etc.  SO is very proud of her for her career choices and favors her over Whiny.  When I called him out on it, he said it’s because Bossy has never lived with him and is more independent than Whiny. He is also tired of Whiny and her non-stop attention-seeking dramas.  Whiny also goes through money like water, while Bossy is tight with hers.

Bossy will come to his place on the weekend and just take over.  He brought a beautiful mastiff for $800 and Bossy claimed him as her own while making sure SO paid for all vet bills, food etc.  He has a laptop where he keeps all his music – Bossy took this laptop and made it her own (more on this later).

While she studied for her nursing, she worked for SO as a cleaner, where she would clean whole units. SO paid her $350 a day.  She has worked for SO for about a year now. They worked at the same site every day, and she would see him every weekend.  If she missed a day at work, she would call him several times during that day.


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Holey old socks, IG! I'm reading your blog thinking, "What fresh hell is this???" *kiss2*

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Over after 2 weeks...that's insane.

Bossy seems like real trouble...

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Man oh man, you hit the jackpot with these two. 

Seems though you are schooled on steplife and catch the BS right away. 

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40k on one wedding? Seriously????

I hope that your SO wont pay for anymore weddings!!!! But of course if bossy finds someone else to take over, he is sort of obligated...and he must be financially secure.

I hope that this story includes a good part. Because this all sounds bad...