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Dating & backlash..

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I began spending more time with SO when my Son would go over – this was over 8 months or so.  Just mostly on a Saturday arvo, where we’d sit and have a chat before I’d head back to my place.  Most of these times were also when the twins were around.

My eldest Son told me that SO was interested, and my automatic response was “oh hell no! he has TWO – not ONE – but TWO DAUGHTERS – and they are TWINS ! Are you insane?!! Do you think I am? Fuck no!”

The Twins

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When I first met the twins, they were friendly and outgoing - we got along well.  They also like my eldest son whom they’ve known for about 4 years.

SO's history

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Hi Stalkers... I'm sorry it took a while.. but.. here it is..

He got married in his early 20’s.  BM was 8 months pregnant with the twins, when she fell in love with a prisoner and left SO when prisoner was released.  Their relationship was filled with violence and drama which ended when prisoner burned BM’s house to the ground. 

Twins remained living with BM and spent every weekend with SO, who would pick them up and drop them back.

My journey begins .. again

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The introduction.

Hello there steptalkers – it’s been a while – I didn’t think I’d be back – but well, fate had other ideas lol! So.. to recap – I haven’t seen my ex-SO since I kicked his Disney-dad bitching ass out of my house 4 years ago.  I dated here and there but nothing serious.  Until I met my eldest Son’s boss.  My Son has known SO for 4-5 years and they get along like a house on fire.

I’m going to be breaking this up into segments, or this will turn into a flamin novel.