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The move

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SO and I discussed moving in together – he was pretty much spending most nights at my place and things were progressing smoothly.  We’d been together for 6 months by then, but knew eachother longer than that, so we were ready.  He had also had enough of the tweevils, who were still giving him holy hell.  He was getting completely feddup with their antics and told them we were planning to be together, no matter what it took.  

He said this was going to happen by the end of March, so Whiny had 3 months to prepare.  They had options to either move in together to their own place, take over the rental of the current place, or for Whiny to move back to BM’s.

Whiny baulked at this and said she would look for her own place.  Bossy called SO and went off her brain at him, screaming “How could you do this to us?? You’re abandoning us! What’s the RUSH? Why is SHE rushing things?!! What about Whiny? How’s she going to cope? What about the dogs?!!!” SO told her he would discuss it with her on the weekend and hung up on her still shrieking in his ear (she was that loud, I could hear her over the phone).

That weekend, he went to have yet another talk.  He told them that we wanted to be together and at our age, we wanted that sooner, rather than later.  He was giving Whiny sufficient time to sort herself out and he would help them wherever he could.  He left when they started yelling at him again.  He told them he would be moving in with me by the end of March – come hell or high water.

Following week, Whiny tells him she’d found a granny flat to rent off an elderly couple, and wanted to move as soon as possible.  SO was very happy for her and told her he would help with the move etc.  A few days after that, Whiny tells him she wasn’t moving, as the property wasn’t near a train station (she has a car).

A few days later, the house next door to their place, came up for rent.  Whiny told SO she and Bossy would move in there.  It was a 3 bedroom home, with a big yard for the dogs.  Whiny said she had spoken with the owner, who said he would drop the rent to help them out.  They told SO that they had been in touch with the real estate, submitted an application and gotten approval to move.  This move coincided with the same day that SO was moving in with me.

That weekend, SO and I drove over to his place so I could pack his room up.  Whilst I did that, him and my eldest BS would help the tweevils move next door.  When we got to their house, tweevils had only packed a minimal amount.  Bossy still had her things over at BM’s place.

When we pulled up in the driveway, the tweevils were in the back yard.  I got out of the car and walked into SO’s room.  I started sorting out his things to pack and as I did so, Whiny came into the house and walked past.  She looked in but didn’t say a word.  I didn’t acknowledge her and kept packing.  I began taking SO’s things out to the car to drive over to my place.  As I did so, Bossy walked up the pathway towards me – same thing. I looked right through her and kept moving bags from the room to the car.

BS and SO started grabbing things from the shed to take next door – it was a bloody hot day so we were all sweating and feeling the heat. My middle-Son was working until lunchtime but was going to head over to help lift the heavy furniture for the tweevils.

I drove SO’s things home, unpacked them and headed back.  I was going to pick up middle-Son however, he called me and said he received a message from eldest BS, saying no need to go over as they were no longer moving.  WTF? I drove straight there and SO is standing in the front yard looking as if he was about to explode.

I asked him wtf was going on… he said when they went to open the house next door – it looked like a bomb had exploded in it.  It was completely and utterly filthy.  He asked the tweevils if they even inspected the place? They said they looked at photos.  He asked how the hell could they just move into a place without inspecting it? The rooms? Kitchen? Bathroom? Laundry?  They said they thought the photos was enough.  SO asked if they paid a deposit? Bossy said “of course we did! We are not bloody stupid – I’m calling the real estate now!”.  SO was PISSED.

I asked where was BS?  SO said putting their things back into the garage and the house.  I got angry too and yelled for BS to come out front.  He came out and I told him to just leave everything – we’re leaving. So, we all left. 

I cannot comprehend these two.  Since when does anybody get ready to move into a property they hadn’t even inspected?  How the fuck could they get SO and my Son to start moving their shit when they hadn’t even sorted out the inside of the house?  SO and my BS were both sweating their asses off in the flamin’ hot sun – they’d moved most of the garage and outdoor furniture which took about 2 hours – all for nothing.

At least, we got SO out – and boy! Was he so damn happy to be away from them – the dramas and the never-ending vicious attacks was really starting to get to him.  He knows we’re still in for more drama – but the relief we felt when we got back to my place – oh boy!!

We spent the night dancing on our balcony after a beautiful dinner and didn’t waste another thought on them… until the next time.


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Oh my goodness!

They are idiots but I am so sucked into your story now!! LOL

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Idiots is putting it mildly. I don't know what the hell they were thinking putting us all through that. What really grated on my nerves also was the fact that SO was leaving them with ALL his furniture - from the fridge, TV, washing machine etc.. and they still whine and moan. My place has everything so he doesn't need anything but the ungratefulness from these two! argh!!!

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I was wondering about that!

When DH and I moved in together we kept my stuff and got rid of most of his. It was all the cast away stuff BM didn't want to take with her. He was sleeping on a futon for goodness sakes! That man... We only stayed at my house for overnights LOL

I had a feeling this was not the case for you guys, and that he might have had some good contributions... 

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A futon! your poor DH - and thats typical of BM keeping all the good stuff - really happy that you're both together.

SO brought his precious hammock and a few bits and pieces - but my place is pretty full as it is haha... he has been spoiling me though - he pays for all our entertainment including alcohol and streaming devices (stuck in lockdown so we're binging on Netflix, STAN etc).  He also brought a BBQ, fire pit etc and gets a fire lit when he gets home from work so we can chill out on the balcony (its winter and it's cold).  Before lockdown he would also surprise me with weekend getaways and romantic dinners..(so missing that right now).  He still wanted to bring his bed, but I found out that Bossy was using it - so yeh, that's not going to be happening - she can keep it now.

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Keep the blogs coming.

You are one strong lady to take this on. I suppose the difference is, is that you have a supportive SO.

The tweevils will keep tweeviling cause thats how they roll. The more you ignore the better it is, and it just KILLS them to be ignored cause they are attention whores.

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I always make sure I keep my guard up with these two.  I know they're HATING the fact that they don't exist to me.  I had a chat with SO and BS before we went over there - told them to be prepared because if the tweevils even thought about saying ONE word to me, I would rip them to shreds. SO must've spoken to them because they made sure they kept their damn distance from me. I'm not puttng up with any shit they try to fling at me that's for bloody sure.  They got away with it once - not going to happen again.

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Bratty did the same - procrastinated. She was 'up all night' packing but the morning of the move had nothing packed.

It's symbolic of their resistance to the change in their fathers life.

That said, what idiots - they didn't go next door that morning before you guys showed up to move stuff?

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I dead set don't know if it was a huge manipulation tactic or what. How on earth did Bratty stay 'up all night' packing and have nothing to show for it? Another bulshit manipulation tactic (oh daddy please stop me from leaving..??)..grrrrr!!!

As for going next door - they reckon the photos was enough - that still has me shaking my head.. I've moved a few times and ALWAYS inspect the property before signing the lease.  I also usually take about a week to make sure everythings packed and ready to go - I just don't get these two twats.

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It's nice to read that your SO noticed and grew tired of the twin pinheads' antics!

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Oh he's woken up to them all right - and he's disgusted and getting bloody angry with them more and more each day they come up with something ridiculous.

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I'm 35 and it's mind blowing that there are ADULTS out there that become like tweevils... Insanity. 

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For sure!! My eldest is 38 and he's still shocked at their behaviour. He's known them for over 4 years and said they NEVER acted like this - I reminded him that, that was because SO wasn't romantically involved then.  Everything changed once we got together.

You'd think they'd be happy for him after everything they've been through but oh no - they're PISSED becasue his wallet is firmly closed to them now.

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Whiney, shes annoying ME, and I cant even hear her pathetic drivel.

Bossy? She should be renamed B!tchy. She not so much pathetic as she makes you want to call the cops on her just for fun.

The whole moving in threatening their relationship with their father...I get that. That sort of happened. But they were 15 and 8 at the time. I moved in with DH who wasnt yet divorced (separated and Toxic Troll BM had a live in boyfriend/manchild) and got flack for replacing an old walmart poster with some original art.

And when School-gate happened, Toxic Troll suggested to DH that I stay "somewhere else so he can bond with his two 'girls' at the same time..."

They p!ssed all over your SO and he showered. They didnt like it, so what do they do? Try to hikack things so he wont actually move out and they were planning on him being weak and staying. Good thing he stayed strong. He was probably tired of it a while ago, but you were the catalyst that made everything come to the surface.

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You hit the nail on the head Clove! I reckon that's exactly why they did that.  Well, it backfired spectacularly because he saw right through it.  He was so angry with them for putting BS and himself through that.  The fact that my middle-son was also ready to help move the heavy stuff upset him even more, when he realised it was all for nothing. 

He saw how my son's were willing to help regardless of the fact that the tweevils hated my guts and how it compared with how they treated me.  He just wanted to get the hell away from them after that.

My son's were just amazed at their efforts of trying to continue to manipulate and control SO - they are now also keeping their distance from the tweevils.

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Islandgal you are one of the luckky ones....your other half stepped up, grew some balls and put the tweevils firmly in their place.

So many DHs and partners of people on this site are WEAK, WEAK, WEAK...

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Thank you Kaylee - it's a learning process for him.  He has slipped up here and there, but I am armed for battle and know how to treat these manipulative tweevils.  Also hard because it hurts him and there have been times where I've been tempted to just leave but we are so good together and want to be together. Trust me - if SO was weak and continued to fall for their bulshit, I'd be outta there so fast, his balls would spin.