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Dating & backlash..

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I began spending more time with SO when my Son would go over – this was over 8 months or so.  Just mostly on a Saturday arvo, where we’d sit and have a chat before I’d head back to my place.  Most of these times were also when the twins were around.

My eldest Son told me that SO was interested, and my automatic response was “oh hell no! he has TWO – not ONE – but TWO DAUGHTERS – and they are TWINS ! Are you insane?!! Do you think I am? Fuck no!”

He laughed at me and said “Geez Mum! They’re not like your ex – they’re grown adults – it’s not going to be the same!”.  He even got my sis and bro-in-law on side, telling me not to judge all based on one bad experience.  I thought.. well, that’s true – what have I got to lose?  The fact that I was so damn attracted to him didn’t exactly let me think logically. Those eyes- whew! Made my damn knees weak!

So then, when SO asked me out, I said yes.

We had a great time everytime we went out.  After about a month, he booked a weekend away in the city at a beautiful hotel.  It was fantastic and just so romantic – I loved it!

We drove back to his place on Sunday afternoon so he could grab some things to head over to my place.  When he came to the car, he was subdued and looked stressed. I asked him if he was ok, and he told me Bossy had spoken to him and told him that in their opinion, we were moving way too fast, and needed to slow down. 

I was shocked – we’d only been dating for about a month and were getting to know one another and we were moving too fast?. WTF? He must’ve seen the look on my face and said “don’t worry – I told her it is what it is, deal with it”.

A few weeks after that my sister threw a BBQ and invited SO and the twins.  Most of our family and friends were there and looking forward to meeting them.

The twins came with SO and brought the cold winds of the Antarctica with them. They were snooty, cold, arrogant and just bloody rude.  Only gave 1 word answers to any questions, raised eyebrows when they saw the food and turned their noses up at mostly everything.  I had made a few fruit platters, and they demolished those, without touching anything else.  They later told my SO, that my family’s food was “yuck”.  Needless to say, they were never invited back.  SO was mortified.  He spent the night at my place that night, and forgot his phone at my sisters.

The next day, I get a message from an unknown number.  I ring my voicemail, and it’s Bossy.  Message was “it’s Bossy – tell my Dad to call me immediately”.  My first thought was “how the fuck did she get my number?”.  I relayed the message to SO, who said we needed to go get his phone.

We went to my sister’s and she told us that Bossy had already been there, picked up the phone, and taken it back to her place (where she lived with BM).   She must have also gone through it and gotten my number from it. 

So Bossy was already showing me who was really in charge here – and I better start taking notice. 

So I thought "all righty - gloves are off".. and decided I wanted nothing to do with her shit and put up barriers and banged down the boundaries.  Oh boy - that ramped things up quite a bit..!!



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That's what happens with these stepkids - your sister tried to do a nice thing and include them and they behave like this.  Just like Bratty and exactly why I told Bratty she will never be invited to visit or spend time with my family.  She can go be rude and judgemental to her own (well the ones that speak to her LOL).

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My sister and our friends were just so shocked.  They were fascinated by the fact that they are so identical and sound the same, they were looking forward to meeting them and getting to know them.  The twins arrogance just blew everyone away.  After that, everyone just avoided them like the plague until they finally left. My sis said when Bossy came the next day, she felt like doing the sign of the cross and saging the house when she left - her energy was that negative and toxic.  My sis is not religious so I was surprised when she told me that - but not shocked.  I've felt that energy up close and its like a damn black cloud hovering around everywhere.

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Right from the gate these two are letting you know where you stand. 

So flipping rude to your family. Twins I tell ya, have the team mentality. 

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They'll never be invited around my family ever again - I can promise you that. I'm keeping all of us far away from their toxicity.  

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Why did I see that coming on the horizon?

Snooty and rude. 

Disengaged with boundaries ramping things up.

The stories are so familiar, even with all the nuances. 

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oh yeh.. ramped up all right.. the viciousness..was something to see.. !

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These girls sound like absolute delights. Glad you are keeping them at a distance. 

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as possible.  I don't see them - if I do, it's by accident or because I absolutely have to - which has happened a few times after that.  The worst of what they did to me is still to come.. after that.. I blocked them right out of my life.