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Next weekend away

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SO decided he wanted to take me away for a weekend over the Xmas break.  He had spent Xmas eve with the tweevils (evil twins) where they booked dinner at a restaurant. I spent it with my Sons and grandkids having a BBQ.  SO joined us after dinner. 

When SO got there, he told me he had lost his phone.  He wanted to call me after the restaurant to see if we needed any beers, as he was going to the bottle shop on the way.  I rang the restaurant and they told me they still had not found it.

Next day, Xmas morning, we go to his place to finish grabbing his bags for our weekend and Whiny tells him that Bossy has his phone.  Apparently they found the phone at the restaurant.  SO asked why didn’t Bossy just drop it off to their place as it was closer to the restaurant? Whiny said she didn’t know.  He asks her to call Bossy to let her know we were on our way to pick it up and to meet him outside when he got there.  He hates going to BM’s house as her eldest Son is psychotic and a complete asshole.

We pulled up outside BM’s and SO beeps his horn.  Bossy strides out with an attitude.  SO winds his window down, takes the phone and says “hi - how come the restaurant couldn’t find it last night? I looked everywhere for it”.  Bossy says “how the hell would I know DAD. They called me this morning after I left several messages last night so I went and got it”.  He told her Whiny could’ve picked it up as they lived closer – but anyway, all good, so he thanked her and we drove off.

As we were driving his phone kept pinging but he ignored it.

We got to the Mountains and unpacked, strolled around and just breathed in the beautiful crisp air – so lovely! We went for a walk and had a beautiful afternoon.

There was an awesome looking pub tucked away so we headed there to grab some lunch and have a beer.  Whilst there, SO decided to check his phone.  Instant mood change.  He got silent.  Moody.  I left him mope and strolled around, drinking my beer and having a cig.  After 40 mins, I thought fuck this shit.  So, I asked him what was up.

He told me Bossy was furious that we hadn’t wished her a merry xmas when we met up to get the phone.  She was pissed off because I didn’t greet her (note – she didn’t greet me either).  She was also bloody angry that he took me away for a weekend and told him he was a selfish piece of shit and an inconsiderate asshole of a father.

I lost it.  Told him she was entitled and selfish and acting like a goddamn child.  She was a grown ass woman who was bloody old enough to take care of herself - not some delicate little flower who needed her daddy.  I also told him he wasn’t bloody helping matters and and If he was going to brood over her then fine, but I’m not hanging around to witness it.  I was going to pack up my shit and head home – he could then go lick her butt for the rest of the holidays and oh hell, might as well do it for the rest of his life.

Then I stormed off.

Within minutes he came after me and grabbed me, held me tight.  Said he was so sorry and that I was right - he was being a bloody idiot.  This viciousness from them wasn’t something he was used to and it shocked and hurt him.  He told me I was important to him and he wanted us to work, he asked me to be patient with him and he would get there.  We made up and went and had a scrumprious dinner while flirting with eachother the rest of the night. He was back to his joking self and kept grabbing me to dance with him.

He had a few missed calls from them but didn’t answer or message them once. Lucky for him because I was ready to walk. 

Serously. I saw right through Bossy’s tactic.  I knew why she took the phone back to BM’s and why she decided to attack him via messages while we were driving.  She was hoping to cause us to fight and wreck our weekend.  She ALMOST succeeded – and thank God SO woke up and pushed her out of our weekend and out of his mind.  We ended up having a fantastic time!


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Your SO didn't "lose" his phone at the restaurant of course - his daughter pocketed it in order to take it home and have a good read of his messages etc. 

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I agree 100%!!!  That's exactly what I thought and she would be damn sneaky enough to do this - she was so angry with him for taking me away for the weekend - hell, they both were.

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Luv the name. Its perfect for them.

They really sound unhinged. Gawd cannot wait for more!

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Bossy has this weird habit of ending up with his phone, doesn't she?

Is there a reason that they both still live with a parent?

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She sure does! I also still wonder what happened to mine when it went missing at the restaurant at that horrible dinner we had.  After that happened and I had to get a new phone I got SO to delete all our messages to eachother.  We then downloaded an app (Viber) which we use now so I'm hoping like hell she wasn't able to read those - the top of her head would've exploded if she had.

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Bossy lives with BM because she pays minimum (if any) rent and uses the excuse that BM needs her. BM also had her eldest psychotic 42 year old Son living there, who would fight constantly with Bossy.  They thrive on toxic drama.

Whiny lived with SO and didn't pay rent/board for 2 years, yet still over-maxed her credit card. He finally made her start paying but she always cries broke. Very convenient for the both of them. 

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Both parents are enablers.

Is your BF going to continue to support Whiny indefinitely? Even while living with you?

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Oh absolutely - I see right through her and I know she's not going to give up in a hurry.  I have my guard up and I'm always wary of whatever they get up to/scheme/come up with.

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Ok - the TWEEVILS name is HILARIOUS. Freaking genius. Immediately I thought she took the phone on purpose. I can imagine how much snooping went on in that amount of time that she had his phone.

God they suck. Good for you and your DH for not letting them ruin your weekend.


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And wonder why daddy doesn't wanna spend time with them?? 

my eldest sd after months and months of hubby trying to arrange a meet or outing and her repeated last minute cancellations including one when i was o/seas finishing my studies and hubby missed us but had planned to go on a mini getaway to see his dad and bring sd's along, surprise surprise 3 days prior ss messages dad and lets him know eldest sd 23.5 said she couldn't go because bio mum and stepdad were forcing her to go visit stepdads family for the holidays.


one time sd called hubby sulking crying that daddy abandoned them for me and his 2 kids with me. Hubby had tried time and time again to arrange meets and it was always bullshit answers "busy with work" busy and have to go see stepdads family blah blah blah

hubby sulked and said if he had known this he would have booked a ticket to come spend time with us. I told off hubby time and time again they consistently did last minute cancellations and he should have known

so now we plan whatever holidays months in advance and they don't ever change to accommodate skids. They are not reliable and frankly hubby doesn't want to spend time around miserable sd's 

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Hey, islandgal,

In your post of 28th June, you wrote:

~ I also realised I’d lost my phone.  I had it with me at the restaurant and had used it to take a few photos of the floral arrangements at the restaurant.  I discovered it missing when we returned home. ~

and I immediately suspected that the 'tweevils' (HAHAHAHAHA, good one!) had pocketed your phone. I'm now convinced. 

Ispofacto has called it, IMHO; those unbalanced women are both treacherous and downright dangerous. Be careful, Hon!


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You know grannyd - I thought that too, but didn't want to seem like I was paranoid.  Then, when SO 'lost' his - I thought..hmmm.. and yep, I'm pretty convinced they did this on purpose.  Damn tweevils (I love that name too haha!) have no idea who they're playing with.  I'm on to their game and while I refuse to get down and dirty with them, I will counter-attack and verbally-block the bitches every move from now on.  Right now they are both burning with rage because I act like they're invisible.  I look right through them and don't acknowledge them.  It's killing them but they have their own damn selves to blame.

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Yes she did this intentionally to ruin the weekend for you guys.  Glad you didn't let it!

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Oh she has access to all his gadgets - always has until I came along.  She also had his laptop with all his music and kept it so she could use it for her studies (nurse).  He wanted me to clean up his music and sort it into folders.  When he asked her for the laptop she threw a hissy fit and took over a month to return it.  He told her to get herself a new one as he wanted his back.  She gave it back and when I got it I got a shock - it was covered in stickers of nude girls in various poses.  He was just as shocked as I was and I laughed and said "wow - is she a lesbian - that would explain a lot".  He laughed back and said "don't know - weird ay!".

After a few days, she demanded the laptop back saying she needed it for her studies.  I downloaded all her stuff on a flash-drive and gave it to him to give to her.  Man ! you'd think she'd lost her baby because she screamed and threw the worst tantrum at their work - crying and yelling at him.  He came to me asking if we should just give it to her.  I told him if he did that then she could organise all his music and they could do it together - leave me the hell out of it. End result - we've still got the laptop and she hasn't spoken to him for a month now. 

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Brilliant! You are way beyond her limited capacities. She only has the bulldozer technique at her fingertips and has never been confronted with someone who understands about strategy and who can run rings round her while outmaneuvering her! 

Keep up the good work!

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Thank you Winterglow! Steptalk has given me the battle tools so I am armed and fully prepared for whatever shit they try to fling my!!