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OT-more bad news

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The hits keep coming.

Just found out over Easter Brunch (DH and I forced to secrecy so I need to share here or I will lose it) that MIL might now have lung cancer.  She survived cervical cancer when she was younger, breast cancer within the last two years, and now she might have lung cancer.  They did a usual full body scan at her check-up and found two large masses in her lungs.  She found out via letter on the 19th (can't believe they couldn't call her at least) and they won't have the results until either this Friday or next Friday.

This comes as a very hard hit because MIL has been super conscious of her health over the last few years to the point where she has weaned herself off of her anti-depressants and all other medication, follows a strict diet to help her digestive system and overly sensitive stomach (no dairy,no meat, limited vegetables, very bland foods only), walks daily, doesn't drink.  She even cut down on smoking cigarettes and started "vaping" instead, and is on a very small methadone dose (she has cut her dose down more than half in the last year now). She makes all these changes then she gets hit by the only thing left that she still does.  She feels like she could be the healthiest person on earth and still be punished. (not justifying smoking, just sharing where her mind is at)

DH is not taking this well and has already changed his FB profile picture and background to cancer cells despite being given instructions to not share this until they know more.  (Waiting for the "vague-booking" to start again).

Given that I still have no news on my health crap, I'm going to silently withdraw from Dh and let him cope with this since there is no way he can be of any help to me when MIL is going through this (understandable).  I know I have said this before but MIL only has my DH and SIL for help, she has no other family since her skids don't see her as a mom and don't have any contact with her since her husband/their father died. The rest of her family lives out of state and would not fly here to help because they have large families of their own and there would be nowhere for all of them to stay should they come up. (some also have small children making it harder to come).

 DH is convinced this is going to be the thing that kills her due to how fast it spreads and how old she is. He doesn't think her body can handle chemo again. 

Does anyone have any experience with lung cancer? If it's early is it treatable? (not relying on Google, searching for first-hand knowledge) 


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Most cancer caught early is treatable. What they will need to deduce from this is whether this is lung cancer or breast cancer that has metastasized to the lungs. Lung cancer is curable; metastatic breast cancer is only manageable.

My former MIL died of lung cancer, and it sucks just like any other cancer. She was diagnosed around Christmas and passed by the end of May the year she died. She didn't start treatment quickly, and she had been dealing with symptoms for months prior to her diagnosis. She was already Stage 4 at diagnosis, so her treatment options were really just to prolong her life, not cure her.

That was 11 years ago, though (Jesus, it doesn't seem that long ago). Cancer research and treatment has been moving at lightspeed. However, it's impossible to say anything, really, without first getting as much info as possible - what stage, what kind, if it is metastasized, if it is operable, etc.

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I am so sorry, yes, I have dealt with it twice in the last 10 years in family, neither a good outcome... My grandmother had it first. Non-smoker but diagnosed with stage 3 non small lymphoma. It was horrible and she did not make it. It spread very quickly to her spine and then her brain. Doctors said it probably came from when she owned horses, something in the stables.

My exFIL also had it. Same progression. They found it in his spine first, he was having back pain and had a huge tumor. He was a pack-a- day smoker and after the tumor in his spine, they realized it started in his lungs and was already to his brain as well. He went from diagnosis to passing in less than 60 days. 

I hope that your MIL has a better prognosis. Cancer is so devastating and for her to be a 2x survivor already is a miracle in and of itself. 

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You have your own troubles and worries and aren’t you the one with the DuH that made horrible and insensitive remarks about your female problems?

Let him deal with his mother.

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Sorry about your MIL, that's sad news. Sad

Off topic, but how is it "healthy" to go off of antidepressants? That's like saying that it's "healthy" for a diabetic to go off of insulin.


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some of the things she was experiencing negatively both health and mental health-wise she discovered were all listed as "potential" side effects of the certain medication she was on (anxiety, insomnia, etc).  Now that she is off of them she swears she feels more level-headed and "normal" than when she started them a few years ago.

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It depends on the cancer. A friend of mine was diagnosed with lung cancer 12 years ago - a mass the size of a pack of cigarettes. Chemo was successful,. Yes, he's a smoker. STILL.

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she says now that she knows she plans on quitting, the "vaping" was a way for her to wean herself off of cigarettes in general now she just has to stop vaping.