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OT: kitty update

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More information was given by vet.

I like my current vet, she's clearly attached and cares for her pet patients. So we have a plan. 

She's going on thyroid ointment ASAP. This will be difficult during our upcoming vacation, but several friends kitty likes are going to help since it must be 2x per day application. Friends will get a nice little gift!

She's also going to get appetite stimulants since she's atypical for hyperthyroidism... because...after xrays, she's either got IBS or early stage intestinal cancer. Vet seems to think it's not IBS. The test for this is very expensive and invasive so we're not putting her through it. 

After getting her thyroid levels modulated, we'll start her on steroids, the same initial treatment for both IBS and intestinal cancer.  If the steroids stop working we'll know it's cancer and that it's progressed. No cancer treatment, no surgery, just make her comfy and happy for the time she may have.

So worst case she has a couple months, best case a year or two if she starts eating better. She's on CBD oil doses now while I'm waiting for thyroid meds to arrive and she's comfortable for the time being.

Very sad as she's always been the healthier of my two kitties. 



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I had two cats in the past, and I found it hard to know when to stop doing relatively cheap and easy treatments to prolong their lives, even if it wasn't treating the illness.  I went way too long with both of them!  It's such a hard decision to put down an animal.

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Yes, I know. I have been through it before (always had kitties since I was in 2nd grade). Each one is different. 

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The thyroid ointment Works quite well although I only put it on once a day in the morning it ends with z o l e.  It has helped him to not barf up and do nervous pooping as well.

It is so hard to do what you think is best for Kitty she sounds like she may do well on the thyroid cream.

My senior Kitty is always on death's door.  he's always had health problems and he loves to go outside but he's not to do so in the warm weather because he gets dehydrated.  

He is a Bombay so he is completely black and can't be in the Sun for very long.  I miss my oldest cat who was always healthy but went downhill very fast due to stomach problems.

I have to go for a conference an entire week and I'm taking Chef so I will probably end up boarding my senior Bombay and having a friend check on my other two, a snowshoe and a Bengal.

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Thanks for info, pretty kitties you must have. Mine are big brown tabby mixes with jade colored eyes. My boy looks like a Maine Coon, feet and ears esp. we think they are a mix. Baby girl used to be the bigger of the two until recently. 

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Did you have an ultrasound done? It’s not cheap, but they’re quite useful in finding tumors. This I know from sad experience. I hope your kitty does well on the ear ointment.