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Catch Up

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It's been a loooong fall so far.

I've been reading every so often but been so busy no time to post and no real major issues.

Changed jobs, so my stress level right off is a lot better. No more micromanagement!  I can work my days as I need to. It's been a lot of fun overall and meeting some really great people.  Same company, different department.

SD13.5 is doing well, she actually joined a team sport (shocker!) and loves it (shocker!). She's also doing an individual sport and is now feeling the challenge of doing a LOT of homework since she's in 8th grade now - she had a hard lesson last week in putting off her homework for fun stuff and is really planning her evenings now.  I've been driving her a bit more than I'd like, but DH has been very good about thanking me and appreciating it, and cooking dinner on those nights. She's been slacking a little cleaning up, but I've been on DH about that if it's something I don't feel I have the authority to do (like making her clean the windows, ALL OF THEM, after a weekend because she's smashed her face against in the living room).  Still no idea if she's going to High School in our area, but they have to make a decision w/in the next 2-3 months so we'll see).

SDstb16 is still not talking at all with DH, he's heard nothing from her since April (and you all know before that a year went by) and our trip he just HAD to take her on.  He's kept up with his therapist appointments which has been a big help.  He also made sure BM attended a joint counselor/mediation session (BM, DH and counselor) recently.  Don't know how it went and I won't ask unless he wants to talk about it.

As for kitties, girl kitty is doing great on her meds, her hyperthyroid is under control. There's likely something else going on, but we're watching it.  Boy kitty is not doing well and I'm afraid that we'll have to decide to let him go by the end of the month, I'm talking with the vet soon about his status - this breaks our hearts because he's just a huge, huge love cat.