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OT: Kitty Ill

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Well, I knew something was wrong with my girl kitty, aka, "baby girl" aka "scooter"

She's got hyperthyroidism with likely internal digestive track complications, likely the liver.

Will talk with vet more today, but it doesn't sound good - she's already not eating great (unusual for hyperthyroid likely due to other issues) and the meds for hyperthyroid suppress that even more.  She's not a great candidate for the iodine treatment as well, and surgery is not an option.

I was prepared for bad news, and now am just sad.  There may be nothing we can do if meds don't work other than make her comfy for the next several months.


UPDATE:  Good talk with my fabulous vet...we're going to do xrays (affordable) to rule out any masses in her digestive does suspect something else is going on.  If those come out clear, then we'll start her on thyroid treatment.  I don't believe in heroic efforts for animals, no chemo no thousands of dollars - I just want her in the end to not be in pain and happy. 

Her brother (aka "Love Cat") who has kidney problems is still doing great. 

I will not be getting any more kitties after these two; DH and I want to be more able to travel easily.  It will be hard without kitties, but I think it's the right decision at this point. 


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my senior bombay has that.  the vet had his meds compounded into a cream that i rub in the tip of his ear daily.

(((HuGs)))) prayers for kitty!

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I went through a similar situation with my Ranger Boy two years ago. He had hyperthyroidism but the medicine upset his stomach, which was already off because he had irritable bowel syndrome. It was very trying. We used pain meds, anti-inflammatory meds, anti-nausea meds, and appetite stimulants to get him to eat, but we couldn’t treat the hyperthyroidism, even with topical application. He also wasn’t a candidate for the iodine treatment. Eventually the uncontrolled hyperthyroidism put him into congestive heart failure, and we made the decision to end his suffering. I still miss him so much. 

If your kitty is tolerating the hyperthyroidism okay, hopefully some pain meds, anti-nausea meds, and appetite stimulants will buy you some more time. It’s so difficult when our babies are sick. Sending you hugs. 

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Poor baby. I just lost my 13 yo Calico on Monday, to kidney failure. It can be devastating, but I'm also in the camp of not letting them suffer. She was in pain and it was for the best, but it is so heartbreaking. Hugs to you.

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I've had two cats have radiation therapy for thyroid and both were a success. But yes, expensive. Jacob lived five more years and Jackson is 15  and still going strong. My heart goes out to you, it's never easy knowing what is best but I agree that it's never in their best interest to have them hang on just for us. 

I know what you mean about being able to travel. Maybe you can foster in between trips and then it's the best of both worlds. 

Hugs for you. 

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Aw, I feel for you. It's so hard. Lots of positive, healing vibes to Kitty!

My old man (13) has had diabetes for three years now, and my little girl has thyroid issues. I know how difficult it can be!

We won't be getting any more after these two, either.