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does anybody here make money working from home?

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I am curious with the holidays coming up do any of you work part-time from home for extra cash in your spare time? I work way too long of shifts to get a part-time job but would love some extra money to treat MYSELF }:)


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I keep seeing ads for Amazon work-from-home customer reps. No idea what it pays or what the time commitment is, but that might be a place to look into.

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I have a legitimate work from home job as a case manager. I happened upon it by luck but it is a full-time commitment. I also have learned that freelance writing is a pretty managble side gig esp if ypub can get signed on ghosting.

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I know someone who works for VIPKID, she seems happy with them. It is teaching Chinese children English online. If you have any teaching experience or experience working with children it might be worth looking at.