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OT~~anyone work from home?

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if so, what do u do? looking to work from home in addition to school and the part-time daycare helper job i have. any and all advice/suggestions greatly appreciated!

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Develop a hobby and turn it into a business. I used to make these pearl necklaces just for fun, for myself. I made a few for gifts. I started getting requests to make them for other people for gifts. Then my MIL (who was self employed) asked me to make some for her to sell to draw another customer base into her point of sale. That's how my business started. Here I am 9 years later and have more work than I can possibly do by myself. I no longer retail, but only wholesale. It's a lot of fun and I make great money. I'll probably get back to retailing this summer now that I'm taking a pause from having babies for a while.

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Your tagline is SO funny. "...Poetry is hard. BM is a whore." - I literally laugh out loud every time I read it.

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I used to create these gem jewellery just for fun, for myself. I created a few for presents. I began getting demands to create them for other individuals for presents. :? Then my MIL (who was self employed) requested me to create some for her to offer to sketch another consumer platform into her pos. That's how my company began. all best serials