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I keep seeing all these advertisements about online work you can do from home, but am concerned that they might just be a complete rip-off. So I was wondering if anyone had an experience or any suggestions of good work from home type things to do - our situation is making getting a part-time something necessary, but I'd prefer to not be gone any more than I already am.

Thank you.

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Most of them are complete rip-offs. I know the company I work for does have work at home opportunities in customer service (there are computer requirements, phone requirements, etc) I beleive they are accepting apps in all 48 states. Msg if you want more information.

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Absolutely. The company I work for (I do a completely different like of work (although I do work at home quite a bit but that's because I don't like going to the office as it requires pants!)) is legitimate and you are paid for training and all of that kind of stuff. However, it's not a cut and dry case and they don't accept everyone and there are NO fees for you.

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Athough I cannot guarantee you that you will immediately make lots of money, I can honestly say that I do work from home with a couple of companies I found online and have made some decent income. I will say that there is a learning curve, that you will NOT have to spend a DIME on any of them and that it takes lots of hard work. But about a 1 1/2 yrs ago I started with a company called You can sign up for free, design all kinds of things and sell them for free. You make a commission from what you sell. In addition, you can also promote other people's items and make a commission off of them. My earnings on Zazzle have varied, again, my market is small for my own store, but other stores do quite well. For the first few months I made peanuts, nowhere near the amount of time I put it, but as I have gotten the hang of it and started also promoting other people's products, I make at least some decent money. What is great about it is that once something is made, it's done and it will continue to sell. The same thing with promoting things, once you promote on a page, you will have to promote it, etc...but literally for about the last 6-8 months I have done very little and yet in March from just (my own sales from my store plus what I promoted) I made a little bit over 500USD.

There is another site that I go to that is called Squidoo. There you can write about anything you would like and promote items. They pay you for the ranking of your page monthly. If it ranks low, you get very little...obviously if you have one page and you get 2-3USD a month for it, you think it's a waste of time, but if you continue making pages and do good, then you can make much more. For example I have about 100 pages right now, only about 10 are doing great...but it adds up. I normally make about 100USD minimum a month from that. Again, you can promote those pages on twitter, facebook, get more traffic, but for months I did not promote most of them and still made the money. Once you make the page, it's there forever. You just have to update it sometimes, etc...but depending on how good your page is, then you really don't have to promote as much. You can also sell things from Amazon, eBay, etc. there and make additional money, including promoting the Zazzle items. That's how I get a lot of my current Zazzle money.

Once you have Squidoo pages or even you can do your own blog about whatever you want, you can also sign up with to sell their stuff. You get a small commission, but it adds up. Just yesterday I got a 33USD check just from Amazon for things that I promoted directly from Amazon. Not every month I get something, but again, once it's on a page, if someone buys the item or even clicks on your links and buys a different item, you get a small commission.

Then there is and other affiliate sites where you can sign-up, promote their products, again through facebook, email, twitter, blogs,, etc. and make another small commission.

Yes, it is hard work, especially at the beginning, but what is great is that it is "your own business" to a certain degree, you don't have to spend a dime, you only have to spend time and once it's out there, you continue to make money.

Here are a couple of my pages from

And here are a couple of my Zazzle stores

In those pages you can see what I make and also, what I promote.

Again, for the first few months, maybe because of my small market in Zazzle, etc. I didn't make much, but everyday I make a bit more...I now also work from home with my previous company, so I don't spend a lot of time if any doing anything to the pages...yet I still continue to bring in a little money.

For the month of March, to be paid this May (they usually pay 2 months after), I made approximately 700USD between the two different sites.

Good luck and IM me if you want any other information. I promise you this is not a scam by any means, but it is hard work, although very rewarding in that you can do anything you want, when you want, how you want and always make money once it's completed.

PS - do not get discouraged by the small monthly income, for example it took me over 8 hours to do a page and well, in a month I made 5USD, then the next 20USD...but in the last year since it has been done, I have made about 300USD from reallly, those 8 hrs I spent I earned about 300USD already and continue to have to look at it that way and then you will see the potential.

PS - also great benefit it is "your own company" to a certain extent so you get to deduct many items from your taxes that otherwise you would not be able to.