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CS and CO in Florida for my DD

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So it has come to light that my DD's now Exbf has been cheating on her for some time. She is coming back to live with me and I am getting all the Pasco County, Florida forms I am able to and I also got her the number for legal aide in hopes they will assist her for free.

What are some of the most important Parental Responsibilities and decision Making that we should highlight in the parenting plan? I am assuming she will go with "shared responsibility with decision authority" It only covers two, education and non-emergency health care. I checked off Mother for education and both for non-emergency health care. Any other ideas on what we should cover on this section?


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If I could rewrite SO's CO I would include

Right of first refusal for anything over 4hrs - She's gone drinking or working 3 of the 5 nights she has them.

Shared transportation - We have dropped off and picked up SKids at her front door for five years.

Mandatory use of OFW - SO and BM fight like teenagers through FB, text and over the phone.

Shared cost of clothing, school fees and supplies, extra curricular activities, spring break and summer camp. BM pays for NOTHING even though she is getting almost $1000 month.

Shared cost of health care

No person of the opposite sex can stay the night until at least engaged to marry(would have effected our relationship, but BM has had at least 20 guys living with her since the divorce)

That's all I can think of now.

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They are not married and he makes shit at Five Guys. He is a part-time employee at a burger place.

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Florida is a no fault state. I got divorced in Florida. They could care less about cheating. And we are in the midst of alimony reform. There is not a good chance for alimony. It's given out in long term marriages and if you are in the midst of say nursing school and alimony would help you acheive a degree or a career that you were close to obtaining or so said my divorce attorney.

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This would be ideal if either party was stable. I have printed it and will provide it to my DD. Thank you beaccountable.

I believe that this Exbf will be no different than DD father. He is not going to play an active role but might see GB on his scheduled time if he can. I am guessing GB will probably spend most of the dad's scheduled time with the other GM.

I will just push my DD to do what she needs to do for her future and GB future. I am a strong believer that the CP that has the child well over 70% of the time gets to claim the child on taxes. I know Exbf will not be contributing any more than court ordered and he is a part-time employee at a burger joint. He has a mechanics license and still has not even tried to use it???

Now to get DD signed up for her college and to move forward with her life and leave this unexpected disaster behind.

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I'm so sorry for this shocking news. Your poor DD. I'm glad she's strong.