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Summer holiday you celebrate

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Another post got me curious about the different places we all come from, the different cultures and the different celebrations.

Here in the US we have the 4th of July, Most people cookout and/or go to the beach. Lots of food, fun, music, fireworks and drinking.

What does your country celebrate?


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I am so fascinated with Africa. I love learning about new places and cultures.

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That is so interesting. Totally looking these up. I have never heard of these before.

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I'm sorry to sound stupid (hopefully not invasive), but you are American and you are Pagan/Wiccan, or are you a different nationality? This is so interesting. I would love to learn more about Paganism.

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I grew up Methodist actually but it was never right for me somehow and I prayed to understand it better. It took a lot or studying and soul searching for me to understand my own beliefs. Once I did it felt natural and I didn't have the urge to question or doubt it any more.

^^^^^^^^^^ I totally respect this and relate completely. I'm glad you have this part of your life sussed out as I do not. I'm still searching. Thanks for enlightening me Smile

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That is so interesting.

I was raised with nothing, no beliefs at all. My siblings and I were invited into a church once when we were locked outside to play. Spanning my 41 years I have been in and out of different churches of different faiths. I believe there really is something out there. Of course I was taught about God and Jesus but then I also believe that is a "man's" interpretation of God. I believe in some of the teachings of the bible but then I also believe we grow, we do evolve and things change. For me I do pray and I try my best to be honest, kind, forgiving. I try to be a good Christian but there is always that question and doubt. To me some things do not add up but then I just keep being faithful to what I believe and that is to love, be kind, forgive (for my own soul), and accept everyone's differences.

You have totally sparked my interest and I am going to enjoy reading up on all of this.

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Interesting that you worship the Greek pantheon. I personally am agnostic verging on outright atheist but it always seemed to me that the Greek pantheon was just so efficient compared to a single deity in charge of everything. I guess only someone who is not religious would view the hearing and answering of prayers as a "task oriented" sort of thing but I vividly remember it striking me as a child reading about the Greek gods as just making so much more sense!

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In Brazil, the most commonly celebrated holidays in the summer are new year's eve/day and Carnival.

I live in Rio, and traditionally on new year's eve you go to the beach and offer flowers to Iemanj√°, the African goddess of the sea. It used to be that even christians did it. Nowadays people tend to be "stricter" in their religious preferences. But it's realy common to go in the sea on new year's to wash away the bad and ask for blessings in the new year. Or maybe just for the fun of it. Smile

On the four days of Carnival, we dress up in costumes and get together on the streets to play music, sing, dance and drink lots of beer. These are the blocos. There are all kinds of blocos: those that play samba, rock, those mainly for kids, those that are formed casually, traditional ones... And there are the samba school presentations and carnival parties in homes, clubs, etc.

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The Carnival, I have heard of that before. I don't really know much about. It is so beautiful over there. I really want to go to Brazil but I would probably be turned into a pile of ash with my white fair skin.

Hell I just want to see the world. Maybe Saturday I will hit the lottery LOL

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It's a pretty big country. In some places it's hot as hell, but in others you even get snow. Not much and not every year, though it can be really cold.

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This is the coolest blog ever... Smile
How interesting to learn about different cultures, religions and celebrations.

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Sally had mentioned Braai in Africa and so of course I had to look it up and another awesome poster posted a link and it intrigued me. I thought with our US holiday tomorrow that it would be really interesting to learn about all of our holidays, customs or cultures.

I tend to forget we are not all in the US. I got some good reading to do now. I love learning about other places, customs, cultures and religions. I am totally fascinated. I kind of feel like I have lived in a little tiny bubble my whole life LOL

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Canada Day on July 1st. We celebrate like the Americans celebrate July 4th - fireworks, beach, BBQ, etc. People in Quebec celebrate St. Jean Baptiste Day and I think it was on June 24th.

First Monday of August is Civic Holiday in Ontario. Other provinces call it other names like Heritage Day and so on. As far as I know, there's not much history to it except for summer celebration (probably since we only get two months of real summer! lol), but I could be wrong.