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A laugh for some of you. SO not happy. SD 17...

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Those of you who know my backstory should find this entertaining.
Package came in the mail for SO. I just left it for him to open and didn't pay much attention.

He opened it... It was from a mail order pharmacy for birth control pills for SD 17.

Me: what's this(on the table)? Did you need your meds refilled?
Him: no (sour face). Look. ( he shows me the label is SDs name and proceeds to take them out to tell me what they are).
Me: oh. I know what those are already. ( I'm a girl ya know)
Him: (sour face) I'm going to ask her about them tomorrow.
Me: well they are probably for cramps but if they aren't, she'd not going to say any different.
Him: nothing
Me: well her mom was on them for cramps at 14.
Him: her mom was sexually active too ( he would know Wink )
Me: well a lot of girls are.
Me: make sure you take these because she may be out.
Him: I am! Going to take them when I ask her about them.
Me: giggle.
Him: none too pleased.


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I went on the pill at 18 and if I had known it would have fixed the cramps and the zits I would have gone on it back in middle school when I first got my period. I am not looking forward to this situation with my daughter though.

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It's a sad day for a daddy when he realizes his princess could be getting down and dirty. Still made me laugh thinking that one day I might be able to get a chuckle out of a convo like this with my own DH. Lol. That convo with his daughter will be awkward and priceless!

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We got a bill for SD's STD testing and BC pills when she was 15. SD, of course, claimed that her MOM forced her to get that and that she wasn't having sex.

Well, her not-having-sex-little-body miraculously got pregnant right after she turned 16. I wonder how that could have happened?? Especially when she WAS getting BC pills (or at least BM was making DH pay for half of them!)

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I went on BCP's when I was 15 for severe, debilitating (puking from pain) cramps. My parents wouldn't allow it, so our doctor told me to go to the county health department.

I was on them for two years before my parents found out. They didn't speak to me for a week, then sat me down and started calling me a slut and a whore.

I was still a virgin.

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I had an ovarian cyst and was on them at 12...not to mention all the gynos I had to visit. I didn't have sex until 16.

My DS had a baby 2 days after he turned 18. DS, the mom and baby lived with us. I looked at my DD then 13 and said, just tell me when you are ready.

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Thank you Rising.

My mother always had a nasty, suspicious mind when it came to me. My older sister was extremely promiscuous and mom allowed it. My younger sisters were the same way, never punished. All three of them did lousy in school, only got involved in a few activities and slept with anything that moved.

I, on the other hand, was an honor student, cheerleader, band, drama, computer club, AP classes, etc. And even though I explained to my parents I was still a virgin, mom told me I was lying.

Nothing has changed. she still praises my sisters to the skies and berates me in the next breath. DH says she is jealous of me.

Shaman29's picture mother denies her actions. When I've discussed them with her, her answer is always the same "I didn't do that, you're mistaken or not remembering the situation correctly."

I have an excellent memory. My mother (and two of my sisters) have lousy memories.

Because my father is at her mercy (heart issues and Parkinson's), I do what I can to fly down and see them once or twice a year. It used to be three or four times, but DH put a stop to it when I was becoming depressed and lethargic for weeks after a visit.

I had an experience with her last September and my sisters were appalled. My parents live several states away from me. Last September they drove (two of my sisters accompanied them) from their state, to a neighboring state to visit family and attend my fathers 64th HS reunion. They then drove to my state, where they lived for many years and still have close friends. This visit coincided with DH and I leaving for vacation, so I only had two days where I could see them. She knew this months in advance.

When they got to my state, they bypassed my home and drove straight to their friends home, 2 hours away. They issued an invitation to attended dinner at their friends house at 7pm that evening so I could see them. When I explained we couldn't make a four hour round trip drive plus dinner, two days before leaving on an 11 day vacation, she said...Oh well. Guess we won't see you.

Both of my sisters were livid. They asked our cousin to drive them to my city to have dinner with DH and I. When they called out my mother, she told them she had made her plans already and they were on a tight schedule. Then complained to me about my sisters trying to take over her vacation.

These friends they stayed with that were so important? Are snowbirds and live close to my parents part of the year. They talk to them daily on the phone and see them all of the time. My mother drove over 3,000 miles and couldn't even make a 5 minute stop to say hello to me. However I am constantly being badgered about only flying down to see them once or twice a year. Flights, car rental, hotel and meals. Twice a year.

I didn't even bother to discuss this with my mother. But she kept bringing it up because it upset so many other family members. I finally said, " would you feel if DH and I flew down to your state and I spent a week with my friend X and told you I was too busy to see you?" She said I'd be mad. I responded, well there you go and left it at that.

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Justforthis! Apparently it is for for skin issues. She told her dad that her dermatologist prescribed them to give antibiotics a rest. I didn't say anything.