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It's about to get real steamy on steptalk! rated R

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In response to my last blog some of you asked how it was getting back out their and hoping on the saddle. If your ok with TMI and talk of a sexual nature read on. An old friend I've known since college came over to hang out and have a little movie date. He's tall about 5ft11, you can see the bulk of his muscles when he has on a nice tight shirt. He has an arm sleeve on his left arm depicting a pretty bad ass forest scene. He has dark brown hair , a strong jaw. And deep hazel eyes behind a pair of glasses. He's like the sexy bad boy whose supper smart and sweet and doesn't realize how sexy he really is. I'm 5ft2 in heels. blonde hair blue eyed with a little figure. I got some curves thanks to DS. Anyways I hope that paints the picture. We were just chilling watching the movie checking each other out.

Me: What

Him: * light chuckle* nothing

Me: Not nothing. what

Him: Your so beautiful you know that. I've always thought you were so beautiful.

Me: Thanks

Him: So how come me and you never. Well you know got passed the friend zone. I guess its my fault. I'm not good when it comes to talking to beautiful women.

Me: I'm sorry. I guess it was always bad timing. I'm not really ready to be in a relationship now.

Him: I'm cool with that.

* I lean over and kiss him*

Me: I don't want to lead you on I just.

Him: * chuckle* its ok

* He grabs my leg and slings it over his and pulls me closer* Hot make out session ensues. He's grabbing my leg, rubbing up the back of my leg grabbing my ass. He starts kissing my neck. I let out a moan. He grabs my hair and starts kissing my neck deeper. I hop on his lap.

Me: Do you want.

Him: I only want to if you want to.

Me: I want to. I really want to

Him: *chuckle* good

* clothes where flying off*. Lets just say he was very very giving and willing to please. If you know what I mean. And ladies believe me when I tell you this. I never knew a man could use his fingers and mouth in such a way. I was shivering. He was not to big but not to small for this goldey locks. I rode that horse like we where in a competition. I'm still feeling the affects today.

My mom and her toxic ass can't take that away.

He text me today. Says he can't stop thinking of me. That I'm sexy in every way. I don't know if this is going anywhere. Who knows. But I am back in the game and happy. And he is a great guy. I'm not going to move to fast on anything. But hey you just never know. And well I wouldn't object to a round two.


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Kid free Blum 3

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Tips hat to you. Why thank you kindly!. You've been a big help sue and your right. I woke up thinking am I really going to let my mom get to me after THAT. No.

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OMG haven't seen my hubby in 12 days…. thanks for igniting the "welcome home" fireworks tomorrow night!

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Loved reading this! could not stop smiling.
And got a little tingly

*5 hours till i see my husband* Blum 3

Have a super day!
*I say while fanning myself abit*