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Pranking my brother

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If you want to laugh and read a good revenger story continue reading.

My brother has been torturing me with pranks this month. I finally got him back. *evil laughter*

I had his fiancé act like they where coming to get DS for a play date with her kids. I hadn't picked DS up from daycare yet. I invited a mutual friend that we have both know for years who was in on the prank. My future SIL texted me that they where walking up the stairs. When my brother unlocked my door he could hear our loud moans and the bed shaking. I was trying so hard not to laugh. The friend has an uncommon male name but for the sake of the blog lets call him " bob". I yell " Bob your freaking amazing".

My brother wanted to kick my door down lol. He was pounding on the door like the cops. When I opened the door I had bob with his shirt off zipping up his pants and me tying my robe.

Me: Bro I'm sorry I lost track of time

Bro: " what the f*ck are you doing with my sister man! your like family!

Me: *laughing*

Bro: this sh*t is not F*cking funny. are you this desperate sis? for real. where is my f*cking nephew? He could probably hear . I feel sick.

Me: Its a prank, Its a prank. He's still at daycare

Bro: Your f*cking sick.

Bob: chill dude

Bro: put your shirt on man.

FSIL: laughing so hard she snorts

Bro: your gonna pay for this

Me: you already pranked me multiple times. The war is over.

Bro: Oh its far from over

If he retaliates I'm sending a male stripper to his house.