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Stupid situation

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Stupid SS16 has turned up after causing a week of hell and demanding his own weekly plan of visitation which I was blantantly blanked out of even after saying I could take no more. SO told him this was the last time (for the 100th time) and he would HAVE to stick to it. He was meant to be home after school, ddn't turn up. Left out his dinner (actually it was what was left as I have stopped cooking for the brat), didn't turn up for that, strolled in at 8pm and began chatting with SO about his birthday in 2 weeks. SO asked if he had done his home work " something else....did it at school......yes I did took me 2 hrs" Reply " oh ok"................................................LIES!!!!!I have nothing, NOTHING to say.Spot all the errors in this blog starting with the fact that I am still here. Bloody lying kid.


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In one of your previous blogs, you reported that your SO had called you immature and jealous in respect of dealings with SS16. I really think that he is your problem, rather than the SS - who is the symptom. You and DH need to get on the same page with regard to this young man or I don't see much happiness ahead for you in this relationship.