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SS15 lives here fulltime with me and my son and daughter. Apparently all the meals I cook for him taste like 'sawdust', I "ruin all his clothes" when I wash them, and he can't "tolerate" being with my children for long (we've lived together for 5 yrs as a family, kids have always got on). Awful Kid, can't speak I am so angry. Dad asked him why he said that, SS said he didn't......


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My SS is 14. Same attitude -hate the world. But he is old enough to do his laundry because I sure don't do of for.him. I did my.own laundry at 10 by choice. If he doesn't like what I cook he can make.something he likes. At 15 he should know how to make.some.simple..meals or a sandwich hotdog etc... tell your SS if he doesn't like the way yiu do things than he can do it himself. He's old enough.

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Yep you do NOTHING for him at all NOTHING and stick to it, He can cook for himself and wash his own clothes and anything else he needs. He has 2 arms 2 legs and a brain oh wait scratch that last one b/c if he had a brain he woulda kept his mouth shut! B/c now he has to do it all himself lmao }:)